Tuesday, October 27, 2015

No longer residing in Ohio :)

Wow!!! So much to catch up on!  Forgive me if I miss something, but so much has gone on.   I got the green light to go back home to Princeton in September.  We had lots of packing, and more packing and loading up of vehicles.  We weren't able to get everything in the two vehicles so we left some in Cleveland knowing we would be back in two weeks.  We were definitely loaded down no doubt!  We headed home September 11 after I finished a Dr. appointment.   

The trip went well besides me driving thru Chicago area.   Not my cup of tea people.  Thankfully, I have a very patient husband who was able to guide me on the phone.  The girls rode with me and still laugh about me talking about driving in Chicago.  It's not for this girl. Ha!  

Anyway...when I pulled into Princeton it felt GREAT TO BE HOME!  The following day I tried to surprise all I could by riding in the back of my Pastor and wife's Polaris.  It was all decorated up and I held a sign saying "A miracle is home from Cleveland Clinic".  It was so fun to see the shock in so many faces. Some were shocked, some just gave a little wave then recognized it was me and gave a really big wave then, some cried, and many had big smiles on their faces.  I had people yelling back or coming up to me and saying welcome home.  It was so much fun! What a neat way to let everyone know....I'm back home!   

I am so blessed! It was only 4 months post transplant and I was able to be home.   It felt good to be in my own bed, my own kitchen cooking, getting clothes out of my closet, use my own towels, have my ceiling fan running in my bedroom, cook in my kitchen, and sit at my dinning room table.  Feels good to eat at the local restaurants. Thank you for those of you who have blessed us with gift cards to eat out at some of them.  I've missed seeing family and friends while gone and being able to be back with them.  I've enjoyed being able to be in our church.  So thankful for a church to go to in Ohio and for them taking us under their wing, but nothing like being home again.  I stand in awe of God's goodness to me. 

I was able to come home if I promised my Dr's I would return every two weeks.  Quick trips, but well worth it to be able to home and not the hotel this whole time.  Things for the most part are going well. I still am fighting some little things going on like the headaches.  My labs about 2 1/2 weeks ago showed by Creatine and BUN were elevated enough they were concerned about it.  So, while waiting in a lobby to pass time before my Dr appointment with them I received a call saying I needed to be admitted as observation to get fluids. I had 4 bags of sodium bicarbonate and at least 2 bags of normal saline in less than 24 hours. I was discharged from the hospital, but has to stay local till Wednesday and then I could go home after my appointment.  By Wednesday I had 10 pounds of fluid on me! My face to my feet were swollen.  Even my eyelids.  I got home and since then I've had to do more fluids due to the creatine going up.   They gave me 2 kinds of IV medications to get rid of fluid which did help in just a few hours I lost all the fluid in my face and feet and the 10 pounds.   By Friday my labs were done again and I needed a bag and half of IV fluid to bring down the creatine again. They    asked if I'd have it rechecked on Saturday morning again to be on the safe side.  I got a phone call mid morning with news that my creatine only went down one point and that we needed to come to Cleveland to be admitted.  They wanted to make sure there was no rejection going on and try to flush me with more IV fluid.   When I got the call, I was in the middle of preparing food for an 8th grade graduation party for Kelsey.  I was having a family party for her at noon.   I explained what I was doing and asked if I could head for Ohio afterwards.   Thankfully they said yes that would be fine, but if needed I was ready to pack and head right then.  So, I packed very quickly and headed off to do her party.  Our car was packed so by 3ish we were on the road for Ohio.  My Physican Assistant called me that evening saying they had a bed held for me on transplant floor.  By 11:30 pm we arrived and around 2:30 am they had finished and was able to sleep for a lil bit. My biopsy Sunday came back as inflammation, but NO rejection! Praise the Lord!   Music to my ears!    

I was able to meet a sweet young lady who is looking at having to go on the transplant list.  I was able to share some of my story with her.  Looking at her in bed reminded me of myself the past several years and my heart hurt for her.  I pray I was able to be a blessing to her.  

I'm back home again now and they are keeping a close eye on my labs.  If my creatine is still misbehaving on Monday, I'll be having to go back to Cleveland for another checkup, but if all is stable...I can wait another 2 weeks.  That would be wonderful!  Yesterday was my 5 month anniversary for my transplant. I'm so grateful that everything is going so well.  Yes, there's bumps along the way, but nothing like the bumps I've faced the past several year.  I feel so much better and I am so blessed! I am enjoying life and all that it brings.  

A big thank you for those who have donated to my fund through the website or by mail.  What a blessing with us having to make trips there every 2 weeks and the expense of hotel cost also.  It starts to add up quickly.  So thank you so much!!! Also thank you for all your continued prayers, cards, and emails.   It is all very much appreciated!  

The kids are so glad to be home and back into their own surroundings and routines.  School is going pretty good for them.  Kelsey is in 9th grade, Kailey is in 6th grade, and Mr. Matthew is in 5th grade.  Seems like just yesterday they were in preschool...what happened?  They are each unique and special in their own way.  What blessings they are to us! We are enjoying being a family and doing things together.  Building memories.   

Tomorrow is a special day for us.  We said I do...19 years ago! A commitment to each other for a lifetime.  To love each other in the good times and the bad, sickness and in health, rich or poor.   God has been so good to us!   He's brought us thru the mountain tops and valleys.  There's been hard times but together we have made it through with God's help.  So thankful for my husband!   He's been by my side thru the thick and thin.  In the day and age we are living in when a spouse is very ill for a lengthy time the marriage doesn't make it a lot of times.  So glad honey, that we are enjoying this amazing journey together.   I wouldn't want it with any but you! 19 years ago walking down the isle hand in hand as Mr. And Mrs. Pennington.  I love you more than I did that day.  

Here's a few pictures for you all enjoy.    

My first hamburger and zucchini.  DELICIOUS 

Cheesecake Factory....YUMMY


I'm home!!!