Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good Day With The Hematologist Dr.

Quick, but short update.  All went good at the appointment.  Had labs done and he is going to talk with the GI doctor regarding some suggestions.  Very nice doctor and staff.  Actually, everyone here has been so nice.:)  That makes it better with not knowing anyone.  I am having some problems with the PICC line though.  Long story short-we ended up in the ER.  I am back at the hotel and so glad I didn't have to stay over!!  We will have it addressed with the PICC team, after the GI appointment tomorrow morning.  I will do a better update hopefully tomorrow, but for now it off to sleep for me.

Luv Ya-

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We've arrived to Cleveland OH

We have arrived safe and sound to Cleveland, Ohio.  :)  No melt downs or problems on the way here with 3 kids in the back seat.:)  It wasn't too bad of a ride driving straight thru, but these bones are ready for BED. :)  Thankful for an uneventful trip here and for God's mighty hand of protection upon us as we traveled.

My appointment with the Hematologist is at 9 in the morning.  I was thinking it was 8, but grateful that it is an hour later.  It will give us a little extra time to get ready, eat breakfast, and be on our way to the appointment.

I'll try to update the blog tomorrow evening sometime and give a heads up on how things are going.  For now, it's time to get some rest for a BIG day tomorrow.

Luv ya-

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quick Update

Today I had my hematologist appointment.  I am still below normal on my vitamin B12,but my hemaglobin is holding steady.  Instead of doing a weekly injection of the vitamin B12, they are changing it to daily injections.  I have bloodwork the next two Monday's to make sure that my hemaglobin is doing well and then in 2 weeks I see her again.  It was a good appointment and was able to make sure all is squared away for Cleveland next week.  After my appointment was done I had another iron infusion done in the treatment room.  It was crazy busy in there today.  I walk away from that room always with a thankful heart knowing things could be MUCH worse. I AM BLESSED!!  May God touch each of those who are having treatments done.  I don't know many that are in getting the treatments, but there are a few I do know and keep them in my prayers daily.

The kids are enjoying their summer as it's flying by!!! Summer, slow down please!!!!  Hard to believe in 2 weeks it'll be July!!  YIKES!  I still have lots of fun plans for the kids that I haven't done!  They are enjoying their weekly library trip, then going to the park to play and eat lunch. :)  Next week the Library has their Summer Reading program for the kids.  They always look forward to going.

Have to share this moment with you...ENJOY:)
ME:  Matthew, what are you doing? (As he is making a lot of noise in the kitchen)
MATTHEW: I'm getting a drink, Mom.  I don't want to get dehydrated!!
ME:  Matthew, do you know what dehydrated means?
MATTHEW: No, I just know it's something serious!
ME: It means your body is very thirsty and needs fluid very badly.
MATTHEW: See, I told you, Mom. (Kitchen door slams and out the door to play again)

Gotta love it!:)

Have a great weekend everyone!  Make sure to take time to enjoy the simple things! :)
Luv ya-Jamie

Monday, June 17, 2013

Beyond 100 Post

I am a bit behind on my updates.  I did get to come home Saturday evening. :)  I was able to get a double lumen power PICC line inserted in my upper arm.  It beats having to have an IV stick.  My poor arms are still sporting the bruises and holes from being poked.  I am already missing my central line.  I am grateful to be able to have the PICC in, but it is sore.

It is so good to be home!!!  To be able to get snuggles anytime, to hear the kids laughing, giggling, and arguing (oh wait, not my kids-lol). To enjoy sitting in the recliner in the living room and hear the birds singing away, the cars zooming along, the little fan in our room softly humming.  To have my honey right next to me in bed and to get a goodnight kiss before falling asleep.  Not being woke to my vitals being checked, the leg pumps beeping, the IV sounding it's alarm due to air in the line, empty IV bag, or an occlusion in the line.   It's nice when the time is needed and your sick to be taken care of...but boy does it feel WONDERFUL to be home!!

The staff was all so caring during my stay.  You can tell they really do care and enjoy what they do, it shows.  I am so glad God places special people like that in your life.  I have so much to be thankful for and so glad that this is once again behind me.  Thanking God  for His hand upon me and for bringing me through.  Enjoying being in my home sweet home between bloodwork and Dr's appointments and getting ready to go to Cleveland next Wednesday.

Thank you for all your prayers!

Friday, June 14, 2013

An Update From Peds Room 351

What a beautiful sunshiny day from room 351. I was thinking that today I'd be discharged home...but my blood cultures are still showing positive for staph. So...we sit and wait and PRAY,PRAY, PRAY that the infection leave and tomorrow they will be negative. So thankful for the peace of God that covers us. No tears were shed, I'll just keep trusting in Him, for He knows what's best for me. I am missing home, being in my sweet bed and hearing the precious kiddos laughing and playing and having my sweet Honey by my side. But since that can't happen right now you just put a smile on your face and make the best of what it is (and EAT A CHERRY ITALIAN ICE:)

Yesterday was a very special day for us, 8 years ago today I was in the hospital for a MUCH better reason. Mr. Matthew Shane was born. What a handsome young fellar he is! I enjoy watching him play his drums with a hard book and set of drumsticks. Still loves his tractors, bugs, riding bikes, snakes, eating fried PB&J, spiders, scaring his sisters, digging in dirt, snuggling with mom, climbing trees, fishing, legos, ball, donuts and coffee with dad, collecting rocks, loves being outside, loves Jesus and going to church, and just being....Matthew. So thankful God has blessed our lives with Matthew. What a gift from heaven above!

We did a mini birthday party for him here in my room last night. We ordered pizza and had cake and icecream too. The nurses made him a card and signed the sweet. Since I was unable to make the cake, I gave Shane the idea I was thinking and he explained it to Kelsey and she did an awesome job on it! She made a tie-dye cake covered with blue icing as water, crushed vanilla wafers as sand, placed some Swedish fish in the water with twizler pullaparts as the lines and hooks. That was her first time alone to do anything like it and she went to town on it, and did a great job. The nurses got in on some cake too.:) Glad we were able to make the best of it and still make his day special for him.

I am so greatful for all the wonderful staff since I have been here. They have gone the extra mile for not just myself, but for my family and I appreciate that. Even if it meant going to another floor to get a cherry icee:) I am thankful for the "extra" care they give. God is so good. Just taking it a day at a time-we're getting there.:)

Thank you,Thank you for all of your prayers for me. I can't say thank you enough! God is an on time God and my hope is in HIM. As the Brooklyn Tabernacle song goes- He is more than enough...for me. HE is everything I need and my trust is in HIm.:)

Luv ya

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Update from the Peds unit

I am back reporting to you from room 351 in the peds unit.  All went well, and took the line out with 2 tiny stitches left and some soreness that is trying to settle in.  My mouth is extremely sore from the scope yesterday with me having thrown up while they were doing the procedure. NOT FUN.  Glad to be on the road to recovery though!!  NO fevers, chills, body aches.  THANK YOU,  LORD, for once again bringing me thru all of this.  He is so good to me and as Dave Ramsey says, "better than I deserve".  So glad that the infection did not go to my heart.  My blood count is staying about the same and thankfully has not dropped enough for me to need blood.  I think my system has been thru enough battles just since Sunday.

This evening I feel like my body is starting to finally turn a corner for the good.  I appreciate all your prayers and love. Thank you!!

A tornado had been spotted in the area so we all had to get out of our rooms and take cover in the hallway.  As I said, I am in the peds unit and as I go to sit in the rocker I see 2 others around my age along with about 3 elderly people and some family members sitting in chairs.  I sat and prayed.  There were no children in the peds department! :)  We were there about 30 minutes and then able to go to our rooms.  Just thought I'd share the excitement with you just in case you didn't think that it's not exciting enough around here.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jamie update

From Shane...

Out of ICU!!  She had a 'TEE' to scope the heart this morning and all results showed no signs of infection. Thank God!  Infectious Disease doc ordered a CT of face, abdomen, and spine to rule out any other possible infection sites. Tomorrow morning, she'll be going down to have her central line pulled. I will update the blog once I know more details. 

Thanks again!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Jamie update

From Shane....

Infectious disease doc came in and he has ordered another blood culture and going to do a heart scan/scope to look for infection because the central line is showing signs of staph infection. Possibly going to pull the line. Also has a kidney infection on top of all of that. In ICU for a while yet. 

Thank you for your prayers. 


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jamie update

Update by Shane....

After a shower last night, Jamie started feeling shaky and after checking her blood sugar and temp, everything seemed normal. As the night went on though, the fever climbed to over 103 and the body aches became more severe. After updating in home care nursing, she was advised to get to the Emergency Room right away. 

After all of the routine checking in here at the hospital, doctors are as confused as most. No redness or soreness at the central line, no sore throat, no ear aches, .....  Doctors are testing as much as possible and starting antibiotics and will be admitting her to the hospital this afternoon. 

Thanks for all of your feedback and support, bloggers! And thanks be to the Mighty God who knows our every need!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On the Home Front

I have arrived back home and I'm in my sweet bed.:)  Ahhh, there is no place like your own bed.  I am fueled up with 4 pints of blood.  Watch out, cuz here I come!  Oh, how I wish it were all that easy.  :)

I was admitted as observation/outpatient to get the 4 units.  I was able to have a room with a view of the river and watch the sun go down.  BEAUTIFUL!!  THANK YOU, LORD!!  I think around 9 last night was the start of the first unit and around 1 this afternoon I was ending my last unit.  In between each unit they gave me lasix to help with the fluid control.  I should sleep like a baby tonight since they had to do vitals every 15 minutes for the first hour of each unit I received then every hour till the bag was gone, then get lasix, and begin the process over.:)   I had benadryl, solu medrol, and tylenol for premeds before getting the blood, since I have reacted to getting blood in the past.  I also had phenergan IV for the nausea.  Between those meds that was enough to knock me out for the night, but with all the action I had to catch winks when I could.  I napped off and on today and now just about ready to go to bed.

I have to get labs done sometime tomorrow and then on Thursday follow up with the Nurse Practitioner for the Hemotologist. Still a busy week ahead....all the more reason to get some good rest TODAY!!

So greatful that I serve a Prayer Answering God!  There is nothing that is too big for HIM!  Thank you for your prayers, love, and emails!:)

Luv ya-


Monday, June 3, 2013

More blood...

Back in the hospital this evening for 4 more units of blood. Went in this morning for blood tests and blood levels were back down to a 5! 

I'll be sure to update more once I'm able. 

Thank you for your prayers! God's good!