Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting 2 units of blood

I had my Dr appointment with the Nurse Practioner today. I went around 10:30 this morning and did my labs. My appointment was at 2:30 this afternoon and couldn't come quick enough for me. She is at a loss for what to do and why things are going the way they are. My hemaglobin was 5.5 so she had me ready to go to outpatient to receive 2 units before I left the office. She wants me to come back tomorrow morning and have the level checked again. If it is still low they will do 2 more units of blood. I've slept alot while here, just due to being worn out. I have gotten some much needed rest. Just trying to take it super easy due to the shortness of breath and my pulse finally lowering down to the 100-120's. Thank you for the prayers. I'll try to update tomorrow or sometime this weekend.

Luv ya and nite-

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Extra Special Day:)

Today was extra special for me!  I am so thankful to have another year of being blessed.:)  So thankful to God for another year to be here and celebrate another year.  Each day is truly a gift from God and I want to always live each day to the fullest.  I have had several very close calls, but God has brought though  each one.

Each day is a blessing and today is extra special with it being my 38th birthday. I was blessed with visits, emails, texts, and a surprise of  wonderful friends at Culvers for some ice cream.  Tried going thru the drive thru, but my sweet husband had something else planned out.  Little by little, friends starting coming in.  What a way to end my special day!  I was showered with blessings and love from my family and precious friends.  I feel beyond blessed.

I had blood work today and spent most of the day in bed due to my blood being a little low and the gastroparesis effects. I am holding in the 9's for my hemaglobin , but can drop very quickly.  On Thursday, I am having another blood draw to make sure it hasn't dropped.  With  the way I feel, it feels like it's lower.  My body responds the same right now if I am at a 9 or a 6.  I still have the rapid pulse like a horse, dizziness, and shortness of breath.  When I go for my appointment they are going to try a new iron infusion on me, so I'll be there for a bit.  I felt terrible on the other iron infusion, but anything is worth a try.  :)

I did change the background again on the blog:)  Was ready for something summery and fun. Hope you all have a great week.  Thank you most- for all your prayers!!


Monday, May 27, 2013


Sorry for leaving you guys hanging wondering if I was discharged from the hospital. I did get the clearance to go home. The Infectious Disease Dr. said if cultures were ok and not growing anything that I could go off both the IV antibiotics. My hemaglobin did drop Saturday morning from 9.7 to 9.3 or something close to that. I am to follow up with my hematologist on Thursday. She will not be in the office on Thursday, so I will see her Nurse Practioner. I have met her in passing and she seems like she's great. I have to do blood work for them on Tuesday. That way they have it for Thursday's visit. I am so thankful it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I am still getting tired out easily. The antibiotics can do that along with my blood still being low. Step by step and day by day God will bring me through!

We were supposed to have left Sunday to head to Texas, to see my "In-Loves" Obviously we are not going with all that has happened the past few days. I am very thankful that it happened then, rather than get there and it all happen. The kids were all bummed about it at first. Then we explained that we would not be able to go and do things with me stuck in bed all day long. They all understood and took it well. We all know it's for the best that I wait to be built up a bit stronger.

Normally we attend the Memorial Service in Bureau, and take flowers to all our Grandparents graves. We didn't make it this time. Maybe toward the end of the week or next week we can. I did venture out with Shane and the kids to Menards and Hyvee. He bought some extra plants and Shane is going to spruce up the landscaping. I asked for a huge hanging basket for Mother's Day and my Birthday. It's an overflowing basketfull of purple and white flowers. We clipped the tops of the hanger off and it looks like we planted it like that. We had our own minature cookout. We picked up brats and put them on the George Foreman. Hyvee has some awesome brats. The pineapple brat is the all time favorite at our house. I made a small dish of potato salad and served chips too.

I'm calling it a night in just a little bit. I hear my bed calling my name:)

Luv Ya-

Friday, May 24, 2013

Post Number 90 and Out of ICU

I got out of ICU!!! Sorry girls... you are awesome nurses, but there is a little more quietness on the regular floors AND I can see my precious kiddos:) My hemaglobin was 11 something at 9 last night and by 5:30 this morning it was 9 something. Not surprising to me. I walked from ICU to my room. Room 414 is my lodging place at this point in time. I put a request in for a NEW room. You see, the NEW rooms have showers with a bench in the bathroom and the old rooms have a sink and toilet. I have had enough of my share of spit baths:)!! There's just something relaxing about being able to take a shower and have some normalcy to life. :) I have taken a couple naps today.:) I had occupational therapy and physical therapy come and evaluate me. Passed the OT but needed help with some strengthening in PT. They showed me a few exercises to do in the room and walked with me in the hallway.

Shane brought the kids up to see me. Matthew was all excited about his field trip-bowling and getting a strike. Kailey brought a folder she made of memories throughout the school year. Kelsey told me about her day -babysitting with Aunt Chelle. It was fun, hearing about their day and getting hugs and kisses from them. I took a little snooze while they were here and Kelsey was sitting on my bed and held my hand. Precious Memories for this Mama to hold too!

The Infectious Disease Dr. came in this afternoon and said the cultures are coming back clear. If the final report comes back negative tomorrow, he will take me off the 2 IV antibiotics.:) One step closer to HOME. Not sure when I will get to go, but I'm ready. I'm not sure when the plan of discharge will be, but it would be nice to be home for Memorial Day. Guess we'll have to see what tomorrow holds:).

I called and cancelled my appointment with the hematologist yesterday. Today I called and asked about setting up another appointment. She will be out of the office next week, but they want me to see the Nurse Practioner and do blood work on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I am so greatful for God protecting me. HE is so good and I am VERY thankful that this was not a line infection. Thank you for all your prayers, love, and emails!:)

Luv Ya and will try to post an update sometime tomorrow.:)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Update From Room 455

We've had a lot of excitement in the past few hours! Today I was finally able to muster up strength to take a bath at the bedside. While I was resting from being wiped out from that, the nurse came in saying that with my blood being so low, my Dr wanted me to see the GI Dr while I was here to have an endoscopy to make sure that I wasn't bleeding in my stomach. I went down around 4:30 and had it done. All looked good. He took 2 biopsies just to be on the safe side. I had just gotten settled in the room and the Infectious Disease Dr. came in and checked me over. He is giving me 2 antibiotics thru the IV for now until the blood cultures come back. Hopefully by tomorrow we will know if they are growing anything. At 8 tonight I finished the 4th unit of blood. I've had some pretty awesome nurses. Some are new and some I have gotten to know and build friendships with. So thankful for God's little and big blessings in life. Hopefully from here things will stable out and be good to go. I'll try to update tomorrow. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!


Update from ICU

Just a quick update from the ICU room 455. I came in last nite to the ER running a temp of 101.0. I got up to the ICU room about 3:30 in the am. My labs yesterday outpatient showed my hemoglobin was at 6.6 after just receiving 2 blood transfusions on Monday. When I was in the ER they retested it, and it was at 5.7 and dropped even lower this am to 5.4 before starting the first of 4 blood transfusions Yes...4 units of blood today. They started around 5 and right now I'm on my 3rd transfusion. Everyone has been so wonderful here. I had a one time dose of vancomyicin to try to keep things at bay and praying it isn't the start of a line infection. The Infectious Disease Dr will come in sometime this evening and make the decision. I'll try to update this tonight. Just doesn't take much to feel wiped out. Time for a nap!:) Thank you for all your prayers!!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Long awaited update

Thank you for being patient. I had planned on updating the blog Thursday after my appointment and every time I've gone to start typing I start falling asleep. I am wide awake right now, but won't take much and I'll be out. My hematologist is retiring so I met the new Dr. taking his place. She seems really good and very thorough. She called and talked with my GI Dr. in Cleveland and they both agree that on my visit there at the end of June to see him, I should see a hematologist there as well. Not sure where it will be done, but she would also like for me to have another bone marrow biopsy done. YIKES!! Those hurt and are painful for a good week.:( We do need to find out why I am so low on some of my levels though. I had blood work done today and it was a whopping 6.0. HUMMM- could be the reason I have alot of shortness of breath and dizziness and the list goes on. Thankful that alot of my labs were done today without my having to come back and be redrawn. I was in the ambulatory care unit and got sent down to the second floor to finish the first bag, got Lasix IV, and get my second unit of blood, then let the normal saline run about 45 minutes then HOME!:) I have to get another CBC on Wednesday and see the hematologist again in her office on Thursday. I was supposed to see her on June 6, but she emailed the nurse and moved it up and decided to see me this Thursday again.

Praying for all those who are affected by the tornadoes. May God keep us safe thru this night.

I am still here getting the blood and looks like I will be discharged around 11:30 or so tonight.

I got up to use the restroom and the lights flickered for a moment. I was walking back to the bed and heard the person next door say, oh man, my cable on the TV went out. It was so peaceful and quiet in the hallways. Ahh! It was so calm and quiet for about 10 minutes then back to the chaos of a few TV's going. It's pouring down rain. That can stop any time now so we don't wake up to any water in the basement. Quick update and I'll try to update Thursday night or so. Better shut this down cuz the power is flickering again. Sweet dreams everyone!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Everyday is Mother's Day, but we celebrated Friday thru Sunday.  It began with kids bringing home goodies they made for me on Friday and ended Sunday night with 2 sundaes -one from Dairy Queen and one from Culver's.  I enjoyed a few bites of each and the rest was for the kiddos to enjoy!:)  I am so blessed to have 3 beautiful miracles from God called my children.  I AM BLESSED!!!!  They are my joy and I am so blessed to be called their Mama.  I am proud of each of them!!  They work hard and help me so much around the house.  I love how unique each of them are and stand in awe of all of God's  goodness.  I am appreciative to God for allowing me to raise them and entrusting them to me.  We have dedicated them to Him, and my prayer is that He molds them and uses them anyway He chooses.  Sometimes I feel like it reverse roles and they are taking care of me. :)  I want to do my very best to be the Mama that God has called me to be.  My heart is full and so thankful for another year.  God has given me to be with them.:)  God is so good to me!!! I  AM SO BLESSED!

Thanks to someone out there who gave blood.  I was able to receive 2 units of blood yesterday.  My Hematologist called Thursday and said that my blood was low, so I went Sunday morning and got type and crossed and Monday was able to be given 2 units.  I have an appointment with him this Thursday so we'll see what the next step is. Hope to be able to update the blog on Thursday again.:)  So stay tuned ;)

This laugh is free, so sit back and enjoy...:)  Today was a gorgeous, warm, sunny, day.  One of the kids decided to open up the window to their bedrooms.  No names, but child 1,2,or 3 opened a window to his or her room and it did NOT have a screen on it.  This took place between 5-8 today.   I decide to make my way up to take a RELAXING bath upstairs while my sweet honey took the 3 kiddos on a walk. I notice that a lot of windows are opened upstairs and some flies.  YUCK!  Nothing like a beautiful day and having a FLY swarming around as you get ready to relax for a few minutes.  I check the windows and notice there is no screen on this particular window in one of their bedrooms.  I close it and proceed to the bathroom to make sure there are NO flies.  I didn't find one, so I close the door and take a bit of relaxing bath and go downstairs.  Once my sweet honey came home from the walk, I let him know what had happened and let him talk to children-1,2,and 3 about leaving a window wide open with no screen.  So thankful it wasn't night time and a bat got in.;)   In the meantime, the girls and Matthew are keeping tabs on this giant horsefly.  Yuck-I am not about to try to sleep with this thing flying all around.  So I confine him to my bathroom and slam the door to keep him in with me.  It was him and I and I am ready to duke it out with this Fly Guy.  Round 1 began and I am swatting at it and I get dizzy just watching the crazy feller fly around.  I promise he must have gotten a buzz every time he hit the light bulb.  I am worn out, but not ready to give in.  I make some Karate noises to try to scare him off and in the background can hear the kiddos laughing. Long story short.... I got him.  I just kept hitting him with a towel till I could get him knocked down.  I was tuckered out from getting that little guy!  Matthew came in our bedroom and said, "Mom it's like David and Goliath and he was the giant and you killed him!"  I said, "yeah Matthew, you're right.  I got him, although I will say that little guy gave me a BIG workout!" :) HA!

Night!  God Bless!

Love ya-