Monday, May 27, 2013


Sorry for leaving you guys hanging wondering if I was discharged from the hospital. I did get the clearance to go home. The Infectious Disease Dr. said if cultures were ok and not growing anything that I could go off both the IV antibiotics. My hemaglobin did drop Saturday morning from 9.7 to 9.3 or something close to that. I am to follow up with my hematologist on Thursday. She will not be in the office on Thursday, so I will see her Nurse Practioner. I have met her in passing and she seems like she's great. I have to do blood work for them on Tuesday. That way they have it for Thursday's visit. I am so thankful it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I am still getting tired out easily. The antibiotics can do that along with my blood still being low. Step by step and day by day God will bring me through!

We were supposed to have left Sunday to head to Texas, to see my "In-Loves" Obviously we are not going with all that has happened the past few days. I am very thankful that it happened then, rather than get there and it all happen. The kids were all bummed about it at first. Then we explained that we would not be able to go and do things with me stuck in bed all day long. They all understood and took it well. We all know it's for the best that I wait to be built up a bit stronger.

Normally we attend the Memorial Service in Bureau, and take flowers to all our Grandparents graves. We didn't make it this time. Maybe toward the end of the week or next week we can. I did venture out with Shane and the kids to Menards and Hyvee. He bought some extra plants and Shane is going to spruce up the landscaping. I asked for a huge hanging basket for Mother's Day and my Birthday. It's an overflowing basketfull of purple and white flowers. We clipped the tops of the hanger off and it looks like we planted it like that. We had our own minature cookout. We picked up brats and put them on the George Foreman. Hyvee has some awesome brats. The pineapple brat is the all time favorite at our house. I made a small dish of potato salad and served chips too.

I'm calling it a night in just a little bit. I hear my bed calling my name:)

Luv Ya-

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