Thursday, May 23, 2013

Update from ICU

Just a quick update from the ICU room 455. I came in last nite to the ER running a temp of 101.0. I got up to the ICU room about 3:30 in the am. My labs yesterday outpatient showed my hemoglobin was at 6.6 after just receiving 2 blood transfusions on Monday. When I was in the ER they retested it, and it was at 5.7 and dropped even lower this am to 5.4 before starting the first of 4 blood transfusions Yes...4 units of blood today. They started around 5 and right now I'm on my 3rd transfusion. Everyone has been so wonderful here. I had a one time dose of vancomyicin to try to keep things at bay and praying it isn't the start of a line infection. The Infectious Disease Dr will come in sometime this evening and make the decision. I'll try to update this tonight. Just doesn't take much to feel wiped out. Time for a nap!:) Thank you for all your prayers!!


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