Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Update From Room 455

We've had a lot of excitement in the past few hours! Today I was finally able to muster up strength to take a bath at the bedside. While I was resting from being wiped out from that, the nurse came in saying that with my blood being so low, my Dr wanted me to see the GI Dr while I was here to have an endoscopy to make sure that I wasn't bleeding in my stomach. I went down around 4:30 and had it done. All looked good. He took 2 biopsies just to be on the safe side. I had just gotten settled in the room and the Infectious Disease Dr. came in and checked me over. He is giving me 2 antibiotics thru the IV for now until the blood cultures come back. Hopefully by tomorrow we will know if they are growing anything. At 8 tonight I finished the 4th unit of blood. I've had some pretty awesome nurses. Some are new and some I have gotten to know and build friendships with. So thankful for God's little and big blessings in life. Hopefully from here things will stable out and be good to go. I'll try to update tomorrow. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!


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