Saturday, July 20, 2013

An awaited update:)

It's been a crazy busy summer to say the least!! SLOW DOWN SUMMER!  School supplies are on the shelves and ready to go...but they can wait a bit longer please-I'm not ready to end our Summer. There is still a trip to Texas before school starts and some things to do with the kiddos.  Time seems to just be flying by a bit too quick!  We're sure having fun though!:)

The hickman line is in place and healing well.:)  It was a rough day! The first plan was set and ready and when the surgeon came in and discovered that the PICC had been changed.  It was in the left arm instead of right-His plan was to place the hickman on the left to give the right side a break after having it removed from there.  Since we were using the PICC for the IV meds to help knock me out for the surgery we had to do an IV in my hand.  The nurse got it in and another plan changed-instead of knocking me out completely it was decided to use partial sedation to where I would not be completely awake.  I was a bit hesitant just due to times past waking up through the procedures. Well...I was taken back to surgery, remember getting the meds and was told I was in a good sleep.  At some point I started hitting with my hand that had the IV in it and when they got my hand the IV got messed up.  I don't remember that-I do vividly recall awakening to pain on my left chest where the Dr was working and countless pokes and sticks for the IV.  NOT FUN!  I had a sweet nurse at my head, wiping my tears that were streaming down my face, trying to keep me calm as I could feel the Dr stitching me.  They were not able to give me any meds due to no IV.  They had tried 4-5 attempts and my veins were not cooperating IV was placed.   I was just happy to come home and crawl in my bed and try to sleep off the pain and be LEFT ALONE.:)   It wasn't anyone's fault, but I think it's just best to be all the way out from now on.  I have alot of allergies to meds and don't want any more.  Thankful that God's hand was on me thru the surgery and all is good and well with the line.:)

I had an appointment with the hematologist yesterday.  I have a low hemaglobin so I recieved 2 units of blood after my appointment.  The plan is to get iron infusions for the next 2 weeks and see her in 4 weeks.  If  the levels are not where she would like them, we'll discuss doing another bone marrow biopsy again.  

Trying to stay cool in this heat.   I love the heat but my body doesn't handle it too well.  With Shane doing car detailing I've been trying to keep the house stocked with powerade and gatorade to drink.  The kids haven't been out too long with as hot as it's been.  They did make it to the library for the Summer Reading Program activites.  The helicopter came in last Friday and they loved watching it come in and leave.  We've enjoyed and are thankful for the programs they offer the kids.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!  I can't express my gratitude for all your prayers!  Thank you!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Clearance for surgery :)

All is well for the Hickman to be placed back into the chest tomorrow.  I have to be there at 7:30 in the morning and go in at 9:30 for the Leonard Hickman to be placed.  Antibiotic is done and no infection in the bloodstream.  Yea!!!  I am ready to have this PICC line out of the arm and get back to some normalcy of things.  It just must be where it is located that it is so tender.  I can't complain too much cuz things could be much worse.  I think my arms and hands have had enough things done to them the past 4 weeks between 2 PICC lines and too many IV's.  Thankful though that I still have access to them and don't have to use the jugular vein.  

God is so good and I am thankful for the Dr's and nurses that He has placed before me.  I pray for them daily that God would guide them and help them.  

Getting ready to call it a night since the morning will come early for me.  For me, 5:30  is when I'm getting into a good sleep.  Please keep me in prayer tomorrow.  I pray that I can be a blessing to someone thru all of this.  God has blessed me beyond measure!  I'll try to update the blog on Thursday.  Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.



Monday, July 1, 2013

We made it HOME:)

Sorry for the lack of updates.  It's so good to be back home!  We made it in on Saturday afternoon safe and sound!  Thankful for a safe trip there and back.  We ran into traffic on the way home.  In Peru, there was a single vehicle accident, but thankful for God's protecting hand!!

Well.. where to begin for Friday?  We got up at 6:30am, after going to bed after 1am from the ER.:)  Got ready and packed.  Shane and Matthew loaded the car up and the girls and I headed down to the breakfast area.  They ate, then we all headed out for the doctor appointment with the GI doctor.  He was concerned and seemed for certain that I was facing a blood clot in the right arm of where the PICC line was.  I gave him a hug and said let's just take this step by step and that we'd get thru this.  So, most of the appointment was rushed to get me over to another area of the campus where they were able to do a vascular ultrasound.  Once we were finished with that, we rushed back over to the office where my appointment was to get the results and see what the next step would be.  They came out and said it was cleared for no clot.  That was a good thing!!!!  Thank you, Lord!!:)

They were able to get me scheduled with the PICC team  to change out the PICC line since this one was obviously leaking.  Bad news was...they couldn't get me in until 3 pm.

We left the GI office around noon, found me some chicken broth and Shane and the kids had McDonald's for lunch.  We sat in the main hospital lobby waiting area and there was a young doctor at the piano playing.  What an enjoyment it was!  We watched a lot of people come and go.

The Hematologist I saw Thursday came up to me and complimented us on how beautiful our family is!  He also said he was waiting on a bit more of the blood work to come thru, but what he had back didn't show anything significant.  He said to call his office this week and go over it all.

Around 2:30, we headed to the Dialysis area because that was the only procedure room available for them to use for the PICC insertion.  It took about an hour to get it all done, then we had to race over to the Endoscopy area.  The GI doctor said no more Vancomyacin with the reaction I had in the ER.  He said the next time I would have it would be worse so no more vanco for this girl.  He wanted me to try Cubicin before leaving and be monitored for any reactions.  The Endoscopy area was able to keep me for that, so we got there and was ushered back  to a bed only to find out they were waiting for the anitbiotic to get there from another pharmacy that was not theirs.:) :)    We waited patiently and they allowed Shane and the kids to come back with me since it was the end of their day.  About 15 minutes or so passed and my nurse came towards me carrying a big box saying, "we got it!"  My, contained an IV pole, 2 small IV bags of my antibiotics, a dressing change kit, lots of alcohol wipes, extension set to make my PICC line to where I can reach it with both hands, Saline flushes, and a styrofoam cooler.  She hooks me up to my antibiotic then says this is for you to take home.  Oh joy, we have the Camry packed with luggage, clothes, insulated bag coolers with TPN, more clothes, food, the back is packed!!! Not to include, the inside with 2 adults and 3 kiddos.   My sweet honey was able to make room and get it all in.

Just as I had finished up the meds through the PICC line, my GI doctor came back in to say goodbye.  He didn't need to do that nor we expecting to see him again , but by him coming thru before leaving allowed both Shane and I to finish a few questions we had for him.  We got to the car sometime well after 5.

We stopped for supper and a few breaks and made it to the hotel in Elkhart, IN late that night.   We slept in a bit Saturday before driving in rain the whole way home.  Thankful for safe trip there and home!

Big shout out to my sweet Husband and 3 precious kids!!  Considering all the running around the hospital buildings they had to do running here there and everywhere.  Also all the sitting they had to endure waiting...patiently.   They did an AWESOME job!!!!!   The kids did really good for all the walking they did and kept up with us the whole time.   They enjoyed all the passages they got to go thru, whether it was a sky walk or  a tunnel,  they enjoyed it.  Thankful for my family that God has blessed me with and so glad to be home and be with them.

Love you and thank you for all your prayers.