Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting 2 units of blood

I had my Dr appointment with the Nurse Practioner today. I went around 10:30 this morning and did my labs. My appointment was at 2:30 this afternoon and couldn't come quick enough for me. She is at a loss for what to do and why things are going the way they are. My hemaglobin was 5.5 so she had me ready to go to outpatient to receive 2 units before I left the office. She wants me to come back tomorrow morning and have the level checked again. If it is still low they will do 2 more units of blood. I've slept alot while here, just due to being worn out. I have gotten some much needed rest. Just trying to take it super easy due to the shortness of breath and my pulse finally lowering down to the 100-120's. Thank you for the prayers. I'll try to update tomorrow or sometime this weekend.

Luv ya and nite-

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