Friday, June 14, 2013

An Update From Peds Room 351

What a beautiful sunshiny day from room 351. I was thinking that today I'd be discharged home...but my blood cultures are still showing positive for staph. So...we sit and wait and PRAY,PRAY, PRAY that the infection leave and tomorrow they will be negative. So thankful for the peace of God that covers us. No tears were shed, I'll just keep trusting in Him, for He knows what's best for me. I am missing home, being in my sweet bed and hearing the precious kiddos laughing and playing and having my sweet Honey by my side. But since that can't happen right now you just put a smile on your face and make the best of what it is (and EAT A CHERRY ITALIAN ICE:)

Yesterday was a very special day for us, 8 years ago today I was in the hospital for a MUCH better reason. Mr. Matthew Shane was born. What a handsome young fellar he is! I enjoy watching him play his drums with a hard book and set of drumsticks. Still loves his tractors, bugs, riding bikes, snakes, eating fried PB&J, spiders, scaring his sisters, digging in dirt, snuggling with mom, climbing trees, fishing, legos, ball, donuts and coffee with dad, collecting rocks, loves being outside, loves Jesus and going to church, and just being....Matthew. So thankful God has blessed our lives with Matthew. What a gift from heaven above!

We did a mini birthday party for him here in my room last night. We ordered pizza and had cake and icecream too. The nurses made him a card and signed the sweet. Since I was unable to make the cake, I gave Shane the idea I was thinking and he explained it to Kelsey and she did an awesome job on it! She made a tie-dye cake covered with blue icing as water, crushed vanilla wafers as sand, placed some Swedish fish in the water with twizler pullaparts as the lines and hooks. That was her first time alone to do anything like it and she went to town on it, and did a great job. The nurses got in on some cake too.:) Glad we were able to make the best of it and still make his day special for him.

I am so greatful for all the wonderful staff since I have been here. They have gone the extra mile for not just myself, but for my family and I appreciate that. Even if it meant going to another floor to get a cherry icee:) I am thankful for the "extra" care they give. God is so good. Just taking it a day at a time-we're getting there.:)

Thank you,Thank you for all of your prayers for me. I can't say thank you enough! God is an on time God and my hope is in HIM. As the Brooklyn Tabernacle song goes- He is more than enough...for me. HE is everything I need and my trust is in HIm.:)

Luv ya

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