Friday, June 5, 2015

It's Official!

It's official, everyone. I am on the transplant list!   The past week has been long.   I have been  waiting to hear if the Ohio Solid Organ Transplant Consortium had approved me to be on the list.   Last Friday, the Consortium had sent back 4 questions to my transplant team to answer, then turned around Monday with a page of  questions again for the transplant team to answer.   They got it all answered and we waited to hear their decision.... I had an appointment with the team yesterday and they hadn't heard anything so we left there still waiting.   This afternoon I received a call from my nurse transplant coordinator that the Consortium approved it and she would be putting me on the transplant list.   An hour later she called me back and said it's official! We went over a few things I needed to do now that I am listed. One of those being that I get a bag packed so I'm ready when the call comes.   I said I just finished getting it ready and set to go a week and half ago!  We both had a chuckle over it.  Now, I wait for a call saying they have a match for me.  I realize that a "dry run" can happen and just gotta know it was in my best interest that it didn't happen.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers for my family and I they are greatly appreciated! 

Thank you for all of you who have helped us with making donations to my funding page.  Each donation that comes in is a blessing to us and helps us immensely whether it is great or small.   Expenses add up quickly when you add up hotel, travels to and from appointments, food, medical and the list goes on.   God is so good and we are thankful for the help we have and will receive.  Thank you for all of you who are sharing my funding page with family and friends.  Some are not able to give, but have shared it with others who have been able to.  Some have chosen to not go thru the funding page and send checks and gift cards or help with hotel cost.   Thank you.   I'm trying to keep up with thank you notes and apologize if I miss anyone.  I know there's a few who have given to my funding page and I don't know them or where they live... Thank you!!!  Thank you from my heart for your support whether its  been your love, prayers, emails, texts, cards, phone calls, or financially.   God is so wonderful and I don't want to fail to give Him all the glory!!! 

Another quick thing, thank you for all of my 40th birthday wishes!   I am so blessed to be given another year! I didn't get to have a bite of steak or any birthday cake....but here in the soon future I plan to.   Even though that was my big birthday wish, I still had a wonderful birthday!  Thank you so much for making it an extra special day for me!

With love,

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