Friday, July 24, 2015

A few steps back...but gaining ground again :)

I'll try to do my best to fill you in on what's gone on the past few weeks.   Back on July 12th, Shane left to head back home for the week to catch up on a few things around home and the shop.  His Mom and Aunt came to stay with me while he was gone.  He left the hotel around 5 am and at 5:30 I woke up to a low grade temp.   I took some tylenol and went back to bed, only to wake up around 7:30 to a fever of 102.3.  Not good! I immediately got on the phone and called my transplant coordinator.  Couldn't  reach her so I called the on call transplant coordinator.  She called the doctor and he wanted me to come as a direct admit to transplant floor.   So we got my bags and out the door to the hospital.  I was seen by the team that afternoon and evening.  They did a scope and biopsy to check for rejection and blood cultures along with more bloodwork to check on things.  That evening they came back and it was decided with me being on an immunosuppressant and weakened immune system that my central line must be pulled.  No waiting on it either, with the Dr's still in there deciding orders, a nurse had 2 IV's in my left arm and they getting ready to pull the the bedside.  Not my cup of tea people.  I don't really wanna know when one of those are being placed in me or being pulled.  Sorry, but this girls been through enough!  Anyways, it was taken out and done.  I continued to shake, fever, and chill the next few days.  I couldn't think much, talk, walk... just was one pretty sick person.  I guess when you have a temperature of 105.0 all you can do is try to sleep it off between being packed it icepacks.  I was treated with 2 antibiotics for a line infection but when they scoped and biopsied on Tuesday it came back showing mild rejection which they used a big dose of IV steroid so that got me back on coarse.  I had a wonderful roommate that's super sweet! I got to go home Thursday afternoon, but had to be back for labs, biopsy, scope and doctor's appointment the next morning.  I felt like I had a big set back but knew I was doing better than before I came in, just needed to get my strength  back.   It was ruled out that it wasn't a line infection and was mild rejection, but since they treated it with the dose of IV steroid we are good.  My biopsy and scope since then has been fine.   Some have asked if it's rejection do I have to have the intestine taken out?  No, they start with the IV steroids and will step up to some chemo meds, and then there's "bigger guns" as they say, to use.   They have different options to use to keep tweaking it and absolute last resort would be removing it, but very rarely does it get to that point they said.  I'm just very thankful for God bringing me through it and for those of you who knew and prayed.  I am so blessed and glad that God's right by my side in the valleys and the mountains.  He's so good to me and so grateful for I am a MIRACLE!!

I'm so enjoying everyday!  The little things like going on walks with Shane and holding his hand.  Not having him push me in a wheelchair and be behind me but walking side by side and hand in hand.  We've gone to the park and had supper together, we've shared a monte cristo sandwich together.  Yummy!!! I am enjoying trying new foods. I got to add a few fresh fruits to my menu. Peaches and plums with no skin and avacado and mango.   If all is tolerated they said maybe next week they'll add some fresh veggies.   To sink my teeth in some crunchy veggies ...yum!  I told them I'm hungry for a tomato sandwich.  All of you tomato lovers understand that it's the season for them.   I don't want my first tomato to be a store bought one. Ha! For now, I'm enjoying each bite of my "new foods".  It's the simple little things!  By the way, I'm holding everything down and it's not coming back up.  

Once again thank you to all of you who have prayed, called, sent emails, cards, and monetary donations.   Each has been a blessing and helped, whether it's been great or small, it is a blessing.  Especially with us being here and having the house in Princeton.  God is so good and is our provider.  Thank you for all your love and support.  At the beginning of August, we'll have the kids here and I am  very much ready to have them back! Missing them like crazy and can't wait to give them all a HUGE squeeze and sit down and eat with them as a family!  Don't take the little things in life for granted.  

With love-Jamie 

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