Sunday, June 5, 2016

Celebrating a Year

It's time to Celebrate!  Hard to believe it's been a year already! Doesn't seem possible that it's already here! We went to Cleveland on Tuesday of last week for appointments.  I had an appointment Wednesday at the Headache Clinic for my migraines.  I'm still having them and the Doctors feel that it is from the prograff which is my antirejection medication.  I never have had a migraine in my life before transplant and now that I have, I feel for those who fight them on a regular basis.  Mine hit about every 2 weeks and usually my level is high. The Doctor did change up my medication before seeing him so we are gonna just keep things the same for the time being. I'm thankful that with the new medication it's kept me from having to go to the ER with them.  On Thursday we got to the Clinic and did our routine labs.  Afterwards I usually have my scopes and biopsies in another building, but this time in as scheduled to be in the Crile Building where I have labs so we went up there and waited for awhile.   A good long while, but when they took me back they were ready for me so that was nice not having to wait even more.  By that time it was lunchtime and I was hungry so we headed to grab a quick bite at AuBon Pain.  While in there, I got a phone call to come to Clinic.  They were ready for me.  I had a cake (of course chocolate) for the Doctors and Staff.  The check up went well.  I was still tired from the scopes and was trying to think clearly.  They are very pleased at how good things look and are going.  We got promoted from every 2 months to every 3 months.  Yea!!!!  There are a few things that I need to do for my 1 year transplant which I'm able to schedule at home.  They want to check my hips to be on the safe side with my being on prednisone and having bone pain also then follow up with a bone strengthener.  After all of that, we got a few quick pics, cut the cake, and visited for a bit with those who could.  They had a card and gifts for me and then down the road we started.  But not without stopping in Little Italy to pick up a pizza from Mama Santas to eat on the way home. Yummy!! 

A year ago yesterday is the day I received the call!!  What memories and emotions flood through me.  Please keep my donor's family in your thoughts and prayers this week. I have heard from them by a card thru LifeBanc but we still haven't disclosed our information to each other.  I'm so thankful for them reaching out to me.  I can't begin to imagine the heartache their family has gone through this past year.  So while I celebrate my First Transplant Anniversary, there's a family broken hearted. Thank you for keeping them in prayer with me also.  

We have reminisced and gone thru pics on phones of today, June 6 & 7. The day was long, testing, prepping, phone calls, praying, tears, smiles, anxious, exciting, nausea, vomiting, anticipation,waiting, more praying, nervous, trying to remain calm for three precious kids crying....and yet through it all God surrounded me with His peace.  I am so thankful to God for what has taken place within a year.  I feel like I have my life back. I still have issues now and then pop up, but would rather have them than throwing up over 8 times a day and being on TPN still.  So grateful to God, my donor's family, my Transplant Team, my Family, my church family, friends, and a caring community.  I have not walked this alone but I have had many people praying all over the world for me. You have shown your love and support to me in so many ways through prayers, phone calls, emails, cards, texts, meals, gift cards, and my funding page.  My heart is overwhelmed by the support you've shown when I look at cards and emails just from last year!   God is so faithful and and good to me.   I feel so blessed, beyond blessed!!

Last year after the transplant, in ICU.

Celebrating at our local Steak House....Prime Quarter. YUMMMMM!

To God be the Glory!  What a Miracle in a year!

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