Monday, July 23, 2012

Slow down Summer! :)

Wow! Don't know if it is just me, but the summer is flying by QUICKLY!  Kids will be back in school here before too long.  Just the thought makes my heart drop.  I am enjoying the summer with them as much as I am able to this year!  We are trying to keep the house clean.  They are just about finished memorizing 100 scriptures in the Bible and yea they are more than just 'Jesus wept.'  ;)

The library program has been wonderful.  On Friday,  the kids got to eat lunch with some local farmers. They really enjoyed that and got to sit in a tractor and combine afterwards.  They have all met their goal but are continuing to read til the programs over next week.  After that, it will be back to read at least 15 minutes a day.

I am still overwhelmed with the benefit that was done.  Each day brings a new card in the mail box.  Some with monetary gifts, others with well wishes, and what a treasure that is!  I'm blown away by how many people donated, golfed, gave for the auction, came to the dinner, and the list goes on to help us.  I know that a lot were doing it in memory of Jay which is commendable.  The committee that put this together along with Jay's wife, Donna, have worked hard to put this together!!  Along with Matthew's school teacher.  Thank you to everyone!

I had an interesting Wednesday last week.  Went to the Chiropractor and sometimes I get a massage first, sometimes it's the adjustment. Well, I opted for the message first and I went to change into the gown and lo and behold I notice that my G-tube to my stomach is completely out.  No good!!!  The girl came and I explained what happened.  I asked for a quick massage and she got me in for a quick adjustment.  Called the GI Dr in Moline and talked with his nurse.  They scheduled to put it in at 2, so she wanted me there at 1:30.  That gave me enough time to get clothes laid out for church and lunch made for kiddos.  By that time the babysitter came, the timing was perfect.  I got there, sat down, and they called me back.  Tried an IV in my hand since they didn't have heparin to flush my port, and I didn't want to risk it clotting off but the IV blew and killed like crazy going in.  She tried once more and it slid right in and felt much better going in then the first one.  By that time it was shortly after 2 and they took me back.  They gave me a bite block to hold on in my mouth since they used a scope to help put it in and some sleepy medicine to drift off to my dreamland vacation.  Well, as soon as she put that medication through...wowzers!  My arm felt like it was on fire and the vein burned like crazy.  I took the bite block out and told her so she diluted it more.  She kept telling me I'd go to sleep soon so keep the bite block in my mouth before I went out.  I was trying to explain that when I break out in hives that is one of my signs I get is the burning thru the vein, but fast to sleep I went.  I woke up being fine and was out the door and home by 4:30.  I did wake up to a faint rash all over and some itching so I did do benedryl just to be safe.  :)  I guess I like to keep people on their toes:)   The plan is to now change the G-tube out every 3-4 months so this doesn't happen.

Hope to have a quiet and relaxing week.  Not much on the platter for this week besides doing bloodwork.  Hope to hear from Wisconsin regarding an appointment this week.

On August 7th, I go to Chicago for a consult and hope to set a date with the Specialist for the biopsy.  The GI Dr there may try to see me the same day as well so I am not having to make another trip there.  That would be wonderful!

Time to stop for the night and try to get a bit of rest before the morning comes.  God has been so good to me and I can't thank Him enough for His many blessings upon my life.  The strength and peace HE gives and HIS faithfulness to me!

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