Thursday, July 5, 2012

Visit to the ER

Hello!  I received a phone call this morning from University of Chicago to say my labs from Tuesday showed that I was a bit dehydrated and that my potassium was low again.  She had me do some liquid potassium into my j-tube and do a bag of IV fluids with my TPN going also.  I also had to go to the ER for a check up since my heart was racing this morning.  I would have just gone to my primary care doc, but he was out of town.  Thank the Lord that the blood work showed everything is back on track though.  Chicago is going to add more potassium into the TPN for a while to see if it levels out.

Just a bit worn out from the crazy day, so taking it easy tonight.  As much as I can in this heat anyway!
Hope everyone is staying cool!  It is hot out for sure and the humidity is no fun.  We have had to wait each evening for the temp to drop just a bit so that the kids can go play outside and play in the sprinkler.  The younger two especially can overheat so easily.  They come in after being out for 10 minutes and are drenched in sweat.  They keep busy doing stuff in the house all day, but watch out when that time comes for them to go out.  It's a bee line for the back door. Ha!

Amazing that it is already July.  Wow!  Half the year is over and before long school will be starting.  I am NOT ready for that to happen.  I so enjoy the kids being here with me.  Kailey is ready to go back, but I don't think Matthew misses it one bit.  So thankful for my children!  I am truly blessed from God with these joys in my life.  I love them and so glad to be there Mama.  MY heart melts.  I love to hear them pray, sing, giggle,laugh, read, play (and play together):)  Thank you Lord!

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