Friday, June 29, 2012


Hello everyone!  Sorry I don't update this as frequently as I would like.  It has been a bit crazy around here since we have been home and trying to catch up on things.  It's always good to get away but hard to get back into the daily routine once we are home.   

I signed the kids up this week for the summer reading program.  This is something that they look forward to every summer.  

 I did have a follow up appointment regarding the ER visit/hospital stay that I had over last weekend.  I have been and continue to fight these severe muscle cramps/spasms.  I feel like I am fighting my own body and they wear me out, especially when I am up till 2am-5am trying my best to sleep instead of jumping out of the bed when they are in my feet and legs.  I am no going to see a specialist at the University of Wisconsin.  They are working on getting me an appointment.  Hopefully soon.  They feel that it is something autoimmune.  They are also working with another doctor regarding the full thickness biopsy.  I think it will be sometime in July, but we'll see.

I have some awesome news some of you know about, some may not.  I want to share with you my wonderful news!  I was chosen to be this years recipient for the Jay Braida Memorial Benefit!  If you live around the area, it is JULY 14.  There is a golf outing, 50/50, silent auction, and dinner. If you have any questions at all, please email me or leave me a comment.   If you go to you can read a bit about it and there is also about 20 pictures that you can view as a slide show.  They are of my beautiful family that I am so blessed with.  The greatest husband and 3 beautiful, wonderful, miracles from God!  I am so excited to have been chosen and it was a total surprise when I was told that I was the one.  God knows our needs and cares about each and everyone of us!  No matter what the need, HE is always there and is our Provider.  I want to keep leaning on HIM and trusting in HIM.  HE will see me through.
As I type this post, I hear the sound of thunder.  Earlier tonight, it was raining with some marble size hail.  The kids and I stood at the door as it began to rain and the scent of the rain was so refreshing.  The rain is something we have been needing.  Just as the we stood there at the door way, I couldn't help but think about the spiritual aspect of our lives.  We are always in need of times of refreshing in our lives.  Just relaxing in HIS presence and drawing close to HIM.  What a wonderful feeling.  May He rain upon our lives and fill us with HIS sweet presence.  

 Thank you for your love and prayers!  They are very much appreciated!  Good Night to all.

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