Saturday, June 23, 2012

Almost Home

For the past few months, I've fought some severe muscle cramps, which keep getting worse little by little.  I had extra bags of fluids with to see if extra IV fluid would help it.  It made no difference and Chicago wanted me to go to get checked at a local hospital in Dallas to check blood work and electrolytes as well.

On Wednesday, I went to the doctor's office that my in-laws go to.  I met with a very nice doctor who did 12 test and 7 units of blood.  By the time 5 was being drawn, I was feeling it.  Little did I know that I wouldn't get the results until yesterday (Friday).  Results showed my Potasuim, B 12, Vitamin D were all low, and Anemia.  I was told by both Chicago and Dallas to go to the ER.  Well, we were in St. Louis at that time and I explained to them that I would wait and go to Dixon as soon as we got in.

Faxed the lab work from Dallas to my Primary doctor's nurse who then let Dixon ER know what was going on.  Once I got to the ER and had blood drawn again, they said that my Potassium was 3.8, which is considered good.  So now back to not sure what the muscle cramping is about.  I did stay overnite at the hospital as they too were thinking it was nutritional.  Everything this morning shows all labs are pretty good.  I'm to follow up with my Dr and he can take it from there of why I'm dealing with them.  

We left out from Dallas on Thursday morning and would have made it home Thursday night, but there was an accident on Interstate 40, between Little Rock and Memphis, which caused us to be stopped in traffic for 4 hours.  We only moved about 10 miles in that 4 hours!  And it was 102 degrees outside!  Due to sitting in the heat and running the A/C, the vehicle began to get hot so we turned air off and rolled down windows and as long as we weren't parked next to a semi, there was a bit of a breeze.  A lot of people would get out of their car and walk around and we got to meet a semi driver hauling cars on a trailer.  Found out he lives in Chicago and his wife works as a RN at the University of Chicago hospital! What a small world!

So glad I was able to make the trip and have some "R&R".  Enjoyed some crushed ice from Braums and slush from Bahama Bucks. YUMMMMMY! It was a good time and lots of wonderful memories. The kids enjoyed getting soaked at the spray ground. They also met some new friends at the park across the street from Mom and Dad Pennington's.  And met some more at Chick Fil A!  That was their favorite spot to eat, especially with the indoor playground.  They also had fun playing with their cousins (and their new baby cousin).

Now, trying to get everything put away and the house back in order.  With me being in the hospital last night after just getting home, Shane and the kids had put a lot of the clothes away.  So not too much was left.  Little by little, it's coming back together.  I was able to get a good rest in while Shane and the kids left for a while this afternoon too.

Time for me to go to bed for the night, now that I can take my last meds for the evening.  Thank you for all your prayers and checking in on me!  Good night.

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