Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It was very busy last week to say the least.  On Wednesday, I had a Dr's appointment in Chicago for a follow up with the hematoma.  It was my choice with the hematoma if I wanted it to be drained or let it just absorb into the body.  I chose to have it drained.  Since then it is doing much better and has gone down a lot just in the past few days.  While I was in the waiting room that day, I met a sweet lady who has Gastroparesis.  We exchanged information so we can keep in contact with each other.

My sister-in-law and I did a garage sale on Thursday and Friday.  It was HOT and my body does not handle the heat well at all!  It's nice to have extra IV fluids that I can have at home to fill me back up with some hydration.

On Saturday, I went to a family reunion.  It was outside at a park and it was a beautiful day.  It was just right, especially with the breeze. Enjoyed seeing everyone.  The kids enjoyed the water balloons.  It was fun watching the adults play games too.

On Monday, we left at 2 am for the Lone Star State.  We drove straight through and did a BIG surprise of showing up at Shane's parents house.  We shocked them both and they were so excited to see us.  We were welcomed to Texas by 105 degree weather.:)  Enjoying relaxing kicking back and taking it easy.(In the air conditioning)

Today, my baby turned 7. Times sure flies by quickly.  It was 7 years ago today that I was in the hospital and had by this time a brown headed boy (which now is blonde).  I love my little boy,my snuggle bug, and so glad we were blessed with a boy to carry on the family name.  My prayer is that HE loves God with all his heart and falls in love with this Truth and serves the Lord all the days of his life.

And one year ago today I was in Cardiac ICU in Chicago.  God is so good and I can't thank HIM enough for his blessings both great and small.

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