Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back home from Dr. appt :)

I am home from the doctor appointment in Chicago.  We waited two hours in the office before even being called back.  Busy place.  Or I should say...very busy place!

I can't remember the exact words of my nurse when she came into the room and saw the puffiness, but went something like, "Oh, no".  Not words you want to hear as a patient.  The doctor came in and  numbed it and then aspirated with a syringe and pulled out some old blood from the incision area where this swelling is. From what I could understand from what the doctor said, it was a hematoma and possible blood clot under it.  He took quite a bit of swelling out though and relieved some of the pressure.

I am on an antibiotic for any infection that may be there or would try to start and then have a follow up with my surgeon next Wednesday. Hope all is well and cleared up by then.

So thankful for the hand of God upon my life and He keeps me from more than I know. I love Him and glad to know He is with me and is as close as the mention of His precious and wonderful Name. I am blessed!!!  Thank you for your prayers for me!

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