Saturday, May 19, 2012

Back Home:)

I went to Chicago to have the pacemaker moved back up in surgery yesterday.  It was suppose to be done laproscopically, but in recovery noticed that the surgeon used the same scar he had originally made back in September 2010 to put the pacemaker in.  The scar is about 2 1/2 inches.  So needless to say, I am very sore and in pain that I sure wasn't expecting.

After recovery, I wasn't put up on 5 East like I normally am.  I was put in the Walter Payton Liver Center on 7 West since they were so busy on 5.  Shane and I were nervous about being up on a different floor with nurses that we hadn't had before, but I did end up with a roommate who was so sweet.  She is my age, 2 children, diabetic, and recently diagnosed with Gastroparesis.  I felt so bad for her, with her nausea and dry heaving.  I can relate to that!  I gave her my email address and phone number so she can contact me.  I pray I was a help to her.  May God touch her!

By the way, they did not do the full thickness biopsy due to it being a contaminated surgery and the pacemaker relocation surgery being a clean one.  No need for any bigger issues, thank you very much.  Got to talk with University of Chicago regarding having it done though, and it is a pelvic floor specialist who will be doing it.

Oh does it feel so good to be at home and in my own bed.  Still need help getting up, but okay after I get up. Sitting down is a bit tricky also. Enjoying being with my honey and precious kiddos. Even though I was gone just for a day, I still missed them like crazy!

Thank the Lord for a smooth surgery and no complications!!! He is so good to me!  I am so grateful to be called a Daughter of the King of Kings. I love HIM and want to give Him my best in all I do. I want to serve HIM with all my heart, mind, soul, body, and strength.

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