Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A much needed update

I am sorry for not updating sooner.  Instead of going to Chicago for any of my tube issues, I am going to be going to Moline.  It is alot closer to home and the staff and GI Dr. are wonderful.

I went last Thursday and had the tubes switched out and in his office while looking at the tubes I asked if he knew what a low profile Mic-Key button was and he said YES and they had them there!!  He even knew of my GI Dr. in Chicago.  :)  He had me wait a bit and they took me back to the outpatient unit which is in the same building.  It was like a hospital outpatient area with the cubicles,carts,gowns and yes-IV's.  They got me ready to go and took me back for the procedure.  They placed them with the endoscope.  He had done the g-tube then as he was working on the j-tube switching it out I began retching bad and got a tear in my esophagus.  He placed an endoclip to bring it together to heal and stop the bleeding.  Once I was back in the cubicle, the Dr.came back and talked with Shane And I and explained what happened and that I was to have nothing to eat or DRINK by mouth till Saturday.  I asked about ice chips and he was ok with it.:)  I felt pretty good.  Got home and in bed and about 8 or so began chilling and running a fever.  I called my wonderful In Home Care Nurse and she helped me out by calling the Dr. to get suggestions on what to do.  I was talking out of my head and Shane said that I gave him a pretty good scare.  Thank the Lord He is a prayer answering God and I was not up all night fighting a temp.  It broke and I was able to go to sleep for a good part of the night.  Besides a bit of a sore throat I did good over the weekend.  The doctor from Moline even called to check on me the next day!

I had a GREAT Mother's Day thanks to my 3 beautiful miracles.  They know how to put a smile on my face.  With the song they sang, the many cards they made, the hugs and kisses and gifts they gave.  Kelsey spent money of her own to buy me extra gifts, some stuff to pamper me and a skirt and slippers.  She has such a giving heart and is growing up way too quickly.  I couldn't have asked for any better kids.  I love them all and all three of their personalities (all so different).

On Friday, I will be having the surgery to have my pacemaker moved up and off of my hip bone.  That will feel much better once it is off that hip.  Both Chicago Dr's felt it was best for now to keep the pacemaker in rather than remove it.  Back in February, when they switched the tubes out, I had the pacemaker turned off and during that time was extremely nauseated.  I was on the couch or in bed most of the time.  At least for now it is at least helping with that and I am able to function.  With this being a laproscopic surgery, they will not be opening me up so the full thickness biopsy will not be able to be done till another time.  Bummer for me, because that means going back under again, hospital stay,etc....

To God be the glory for all HE has done and is going to do!  He is so good to me!  I am so thankful for HIS blessings.  So glad HE is a prayer answering God!:)

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