Monday, May 7, 2012

Thankful for HIS protection

I went to Chicago last Wednesday to have my pacemaker checked out since it is sitting on my iliac crest (hip bone).  Yes, it does need to be moved up.  I am waiting for University of Chicago to call me back in regards to whether or not we are going to keep it in or have it removed.  They also want to talk with the surgeon about doing a full thickness biopsy while they have me opened up to save me another surgery.

I ended up in the ER on Thursday night with severe burning and pain inside me where my j-tube is. I thought at first on Thursday it was just from the big trip to Chicago and that I had worn myself out.  As the day went on with me resting it just kept getting worse though.  The ER Dr said it was cellulitis after an exam and CT scan.  I was put on Rocephin while in there through the IV and given some pain meds.  I ended up breaking out in hives from the Rocephin so they gave me a dose of benadryl through my line.   With that and the pain meds in my system I felt a bit loopy. I was discharged home and able to get some rest till the pain meds wore off then I was in severe pain again.  The following day, In Home Care was able to save me an admission by getting an order to have pain meds put through my hickman line.  I didn't read the vial before hand and just assumed it was drawn up and ready to use. At 6 pm I gave myself the first dose and I used the whole vial.  Never knew till later the next day according to In Home Care that one vial is for 4 doses worth and I had taken the whole thing at one time.  So thankful that God is watching out for us even when we don't see it.  I may not would have been here considering the dose and my weight.  Thank you Lord for your unseen hand and for watching over me.  I did end up going to the ER again later that night due to my j-tube coming out.  The balloon is deflated and was out.  The ER Dr ended up pushing it in deeper and taping it down and scheduled me to see the surgeon on Monday to have it checked out along with the cellulitis.  I am on an antibiotic so between that the pain meds and prayers I am doing better.  Still hurting but manageable compared to Thursday and Friday.  We'll see what Monday holds.  Not sure if he will put a new tube in or what the plan will be.

So glad i am in the Master's Hands and He holds my future and knows the plans for me.  I want to make sure I am in HIS will and be the vessel He has called me to be.

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