Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick Update

I'm sure some of you are wondering what is going on and why I have not posted.  Sorry, but I have been busy and the times I was going to post I was not feeling up to it.

I ran a temp again the week after being home from the hospital and had cultures done on the line again.  All came back clear...Praise the Lord!

I went to the Ortho doctor two weeks ago in regards to the hip replacement and we are just going to keep on eye on the hips with X-Rays every 3 months.  Nothing substantial found to warrant that big of a surgery  Praise the Lord!!

The Neuro doctor discharged me.  He said I have mild peripheral neuropathy and also autonomic neuropathy.  For the autonomic, I could have more testing but even if I did, it wouldn't matter regarding treatment.  I have a low blood pressure and dizziness.

Today we went to Rockford for the Rheumotoligist follow up and she did a cortisone injection in each hip.  Yes, I am sore and hurting, but this too shall pass.

I go Wednesday to Chicago to see the surgeon who placed my pacemaker to have it checked. It is now sitting on part of my hip bone. They are concerned of it having dropped since the leads can pull out of the stomach and get tangled in the intestine or be "shocking" another organ.  We are at a point, I believe, of needing to make the decision of it being placed back up or having it removed.  He will need to be in contact with the Dr's from University of  Chicago so we are all on the same page in agreement of the choice made.  If I have it removed, then I have worse nausea than I already fight is the only thing.In the mean time, I will continue to trust God for my miracle.

So thankful for the strength He gives me day by day.  So thankful for Him being by my side and being so faithful.  So greatful that He cares and understands and will never leave me through all this, but continue to guide my steps.  He keeps pouring His blessings upon me.  I can't imagine going through all this without God on my side and my wonderful loving husband.

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