Sunday, April 8, 2012

Home Sweet Home

God is good...all the time!  On Thursday night, I was admitted to the hospital for pain in my 'Hickman Line' port entry area and up into my clavicle and a low grade temp that I had since Monday afternoon.  The doctors were hoping to rule out a port infection and with much prayers, thankfully it was ruled out.  Not sure if it was phlebitis or not, but it sure hurt (and still hurts).

Anyhow, I was discharged on Saturday and home by 2:30 that afternoon.  So glad to be home and resting in my own bed.  No blood pressure checks or nurses coming in to bring me medicines, or any pokes for blood!:)  I do miss someone answering my call light!  I keep waiting for someone to come.  Ha!  Shane and the kids have been wonderful at helping and taking excellent care of me.

So thankful God gave me strength to make it to church tonight!  It felt so good to be in the presence of God, especially on Easter.  Glad I just don't go to Church on holidays because it would be a long time till Christmas! :)  So grateful for His LOVE and Sacrifice HE made so that I could live.:)

At home in bed for the night and letting the kids do a camp out on our bedroom floor.  Oh what fun.  Hearing them all giggle, just can't help but smile.  SO much to be thankful for!!  I am Blessed!!!!!!

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