Thursday, May 24, 2012

Follow Up Dr. Appt.

Yesterday, I went to Chicago to the University of IL hospital for a follow up from surgery.  All is as well and healing as expected.  Still sore, swollen , and bruised.  He explained that with me being thin, that is the way it is since there is not much fat to absorb the "trauma" and everything.

After the appt, we went to the floor I had stayed on last week because we left my backpack and machine for my TPN in my room.  I had called there on Sat. to have them put it up till I could get there to get it picked up.  The nurse that had me Saturday was there working and we talked for a few minutes.  Good to visit, but it was nice to say goodbye.

After leaving there, we headed to University of Chicago hospital for a test I had to have done.  It calculates how many calories my body burns while I'm lying still.  It was quit an interesting test.  They had me lie down in a bed and then put this big plastic bubble over my face.  I was not allowed to talk, move, or sleep during the 40 minutes of testing.  Around the last 20 minutes I began to get really claustrophobic.  I remained calm because if I panicked or moved or talked it would mess the testing up and I didn't want to have to redue this!  There was the nurse and another lady in the room through out the testing.  Shane kept conversation going with them up to the last 15 min.  That really helped to keep my mind off the test and being claustrophobic, but the last 15 minutes when no one was talking very much, I really wanted to come out from under this plastic bubble thing!  The nurse counted down every so often and that at least let me know I was getting closer.  The nurse went over everything before we left and explained it and was very helpful and useful for me to have this test done. They estimate my calories I need for my TPN, but with the test they know now how much to actually put in my TPN.  They now know they need to add more calories to the TPN, as I am using more calories than they thought.  Bring on the steak n taters!!

We stopped at McDonald's on the way home so I could have a berry cherry smoothie.  Yummy, but still not  as good as the frozen strawberry lemonade and the the YUMMY MANGO smoothie.  They don't have any fruit chunks in it so I'm able to enjoy them.:)  MMMMM good!:))

We got home and I collapsed in bed. Ahh, much needed after that trip!  Left at 7:30am and home by 6pm.  A loooong day.  God is SOOO very good to me!  He blesses me each and everyday!  So thankful for HIS love for me and that HE cares and is with me every step I take.

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