Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heading for another Dr appt in Chicago

I had a busy, but good weekend!  We had a funeral on Saturday for a dear role model in my life and some birthday celebrations for me on Sunday and Monday! Thank you to everyone who helped make it a wonderful birthday!:)  Getting older doesn't bother me.  I feel blessed to celebrate another year.

We went to 4 cemeteries on Monday to put flowers on graves.  Also went to Peoria and enjoyed some time together as a family.

My home care nurse came to do my port dressing change and looked at the surgical site.  I have a goose egg lump with a bruise on it where the pacemaker was moved up.  It is tender and painful, and I thought that it was maybe from the busy weekend, but it's not.  Really should be starting to heal at this point.  She is a wonderful nurse and we called Chicago and they wanted a picture of it emailed to them.  We did and they called back saying they want to see me tomorrow.  They think it is most likely a seroma.  It is like a fluid filled area.  So we'll what the appt. holds tomorrow.

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