Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lots of catching up to do...

Not exactly sure where to's been so long.  I am sorry for not doing an update sooner.

Wow, a lot has happened since my last post!  I'll do my best to give you a brief summary of what we have done since July, or at least try to catch you up a bit. In August, we took a trip to Texas.  Had a fun and relaxing time with Shane's parents,Uncle and Aunt, and cousins.  Matthew got a real pair of cowboy boots.  He looks like a  pretty handsome lil feller in them.   We came back home with our running shoes on!  The kids started school a week after we got home so we had our mad dash of fighting thru the isles of getting school supplies.:)

Matthew is in 3rd grade, and is  having a good time.  His favorite subject hasn't changed since Kindergarten-P.E.  He is every bit a boy and loves being outside and playing.  He enjoys any bug, spider, cricket,praying mantis, lizards, frogs...and the list is still growing.  I wouldn't want it any other way. :)  The girls started a few days later than Matthew.  It is a  big adjustment for  our Fourth grader-Kailey with it being her first year at home, but she is doing well and keeping up with her studies.  She does miss her classmates, but we're going work on writing letters to help keep in touch  a bit. Kelsey is our Seventh grader and doing really well with her studies.  Seventh grade!!! Unbelievable !!! They are learning to work as a team and help do little things around the house.:)

Shane is keeping busy with his car detailing.  We thank the Lord for His provisions and His many blessing! He was in the Homestead parade with a before and after car and then I drove the Suburban. It was lots of fun!!!  If you didn't  get to see it you missed a good one!!  Couldn't believe the huge crowd of people that were lining the streets.  We went thru over a hundred  dollars worth of candy and had a few pieces to throw by the time we got to Peru and Main Street.  You can check it out at his facebook

Kailey had asked last year to go in a helicopter ride. The line last year by evening time was long and it was getting dark so we asked her to wait till this year and go up in the afternoon and see the town from the sky.  She went up with Shane and a friend of ours from church.  She was full of smiles when she got in and was in the front with the pilot .  When they landed and she got out she was still grinning and said that was fun and I want to do it next year, too!  Matthew said he wants to try it next year, too.  Kelsey has no desire to be up in the air and is very content to just watch them.  Shane said it was really neat and not bad being up in the air.  The pilot circled around the house a few times to let them get a good view of it.  Shane took a few pictures in the air and it's so neat to see the corn fields and some aerial views of the town and our neighborhood and house.  She had a birthday and turned the big 10!!  I need to put bricks on these kids because they are all growing way too quick!!

Iv'e had a few doctor appointments to say the least since July.  I have finished the 39 unit of blood since February.  That is a lot of blood and I am grateful for those who are blood donors!  I am evermore grateful for the blood of Our Precious Savior who died for me at calvary.  I have been to Cleveland and they are changing out the TPN to try to help maintain my weight.  They want me to keep seeing a cardiologist for the tachycardia and the hematologist for the blood issue. Will continue to see them every 3 months  for a check up.  Back in September I went to get out of bed and when I stood up I had pain in the ball of my foot.  I babied it and walked on it diffrently trying to help it along.  It wasn't any better so I saw the Dr for it and he thought that maybe it was gout so he treated me for it and had me do a blood test.  It came back negative for gout and made a refferal to see a foot specialist just to make sure all was well.  I got in that week and they did 3 xrays of the foot and it showed that the ball of my foot.  He came in and said "so you're treating your foot for gout?"  I said yes and he said it's a fracture and a chipped bone.  He put it in a cast and I just had it reevaluated this week.  They took the cast off and x-rayed it and there is no change or sign of healing so back in the cast for 3 more weeks still no weight bearing.  I never have used crutches before-I have more sympathy for those who use them.  They take skill and endurance.  Maybe with me using them for 3 more weeks I'll be a pro at them:) Ha!  There's no racing using them.  I have been able to keep Shane and the kids laughing time to time as I lean into a wall to catch myself from falling.  MY MY MY!! LOL!! .:)

Fall  has always been my favorite season.   I don't enjoy the chill in the air, but I do like wearing sweaters,  being cuddled in blankets, the smell of candy corn, caramel apples, pumpkin bars, apple crisp, roasted marshmallows, hot cocoa, maple nut goodies, & hot cider.  Listening to the leaves crunch as you step on them. Watching the trees change in color from front porch or going on a ride out in the country enjoying all beauty that fall brings.   We enjoyed the quick trip to Cleveland and seeing all the trees in color there and back.:)  I didn't like the snow that we had on Tuesday.  It was just enough to cover the ground but it sure was cold!  I'm not ready for the white stuff to be coming quite this soon!  Hope this doesn't mean we are in for a bad winter.

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