Friday, May 15, 2015

Quick Update :) I'm Moving Up :)

Between the past 2 weeks, I have gone through many tests and doctor appointments.  Some tests got bumped back and had to have them rescheduled which put me a bit behind schedule.  We were told it was looking like my selection committee meeting with all the doctors that I've seen along with those who will be taking part of my care after transplant would be moved from the 14th to the 21st.  I know its's only a week...but its a whole week of the waiting.   I'm ready to move this into fast forward a bit faster lol.   I got a phone call at 9:30 Tuesday night from my nurse transplant cordinator.   She was still at the office trying to get all my files together to be able to make it for the selection committe for the 14th.   We missed a cat scan that was needing done, so she was there early Wednesday to get me scheduled in for that.  With all of her hard work she was able to present me before the panel of doctors on the 14th 😊.   She called asking if I really wanted to know how things went....UM YES!!!   She said all went well and that it was decided that only the intestine would be transplanted.  I'm not sure the reason for keeping the stomach with it not functioning...but i know with the stomach being transplanted the pancreas would need to be also.  My pancrease is good , and the more I can keep of my own the better, with rejection.    The next step is approval through the state of Ohio transplant board.  It's a second panel of doctors who look over my case and make sure that this is the only option and best option for me.  They have 5 days to respond once they receive the letter amd it usually doesn't take that long for them to respond.   Also need cleared and approved by insurance, which I have got a call this morning on from the transplant financial department.  That is all approved and ready to go.  Not sure, but by the way things are going, maybe by the end of next week I can be on the transplant list.   I have to see the allergist again, due to a medication they give in the OR to transplant patients to make sure I don't have an allergy to it.  I'll update next week once we know more! 😊

Thank you once again to every donation that has been made! Each donation, is a blessing no matter the amount.   Feel free to share my blog or funding page with others! Also thank you for the support you've shown to us thru your love,prayers,cards, emails, and phone calls . 

I'm so thankful for God's strength day to day.  He knows my every need and if he cares about a sparrow, how much more does He care for me. He is my Great Physication, Peace, Strength...and so much more.   All my tomorrows have to pass by Him, before they come to me.   He is so good to me!


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