Monday, May 4, 2015

Things are moving forward!

Things are starting to move forward :)

I started an update that I thought was saved but wasn't so I'll do my best to back track and fill you in.  

Things are starting to pick up with the process of getting ready to go on the transplant list.  The Lord gave me a HUGE miracle regarding some paper work for insurance.  I was in tears thinking I was following all the steps and doing all that I needed to do on my part.  Not the case when I made a phone call one Friday mid-morning.  I got off the phone in tears feeling like everything I had done the past several weeks was all for nothing.  I talked with Shane and explained what was going on and we explained to the kids that we needed for God to help in the situation.  Nothing is too big or too little for God to step in and change things.  Another lady called me that afternoon and after explaining my situation to her, she asked if she could call me back in about 10 minutes.  When she called me back, things that were to take another week or two were done right then.  GOD is so GOOD!!  We rejoiced and cried tears of joy for the answered prayer.:)

In the meantime I have fought some low grade temperatures so I called my doctor...and was told to go to the ER.  In flushing my central line, the line broke.  Not good.  The ER doctor did some blood cultures and lab work and then called my doctor to update him.  Since my counts for infection were within normal range, I was sent home to watch the temps and come back if they got worse.  They would be keeping an eye on the blood cultures, knowing that it would take 24 hours for the results and would call me if anything was growing.  I got a phone call the next morning saying I needed to go to the hospital and be admitted for a line infection.  I had to have the line removed and wait for the cultures to come back negative before placing a new line.  The doctor there decided that it would help me to just have 1 line, however my own doctors were not made aware of the change.  I woke up to my nurse flushing my line back in my room, noticing then I only had one line.  The lipids for my TPN are not compatible with one of my IV nausea medications. It took me a few days of waiting to get the line placed already so I wasn't interested in camping out there a few more days. They made it work for the time being and this Tuesday I have to go back in to have it replaced as 2 lines since I'll need it that way for the transplant also.  Even if they would have been able to switch it out the next day, my body wasn't ready to do the change out.  It takes about a week for the soreness to work its way out.  Also glad it happened now before being on the transplant list, because things would have to be placed on hold for that to clear up before having the transplant done.

While I was in the hospital walking the halls I came across a girl crying, with a box of tissues in her hand.  Talk about break your heart.  I didn't want to come across as nosey, but I couldn't just pass by and leave her alone.  She told me through her tears that her Mom was here to have a stent placed in her liver.  She had a liver transplant in the past and wasn't doing well from having the stent placed due to some lung issues and being on the ventilator.  After praying for her and her Mom, I told her if she needed me, to just come to my room.  I told her my name and said she could just ask my room number at the desk.  That evening I heard a code called for the area where her Mom was.  A few hours passed and I went on my walk for the night and the room was empty.  I'm not sure what happened and have still had her come to my mind, and continue to pray for them.  I don't know what the outcome was...BUT GOD does and even tho I don't know her name He knows all the details.  I just don't want to miss any chance that I have to be the willing vessel that He has called me to be.  I want to have a sensitive heart.

I got to meet a new "friend" thru sharing a room.  She was sweet and we talked, laughed, and yes shared some recipes!!  I now have a new recipe for homemade cornbread-no more jiffy!  Can't wait to not just make it, but enjoy eating it also!  Oh, and can't forget to add butter to the top of it!! YUMMMMY  

It's a full week of testing, doctor appointments, more testing and pre-op appointments too.  After this week I still have a few more to add to the list but this is the fullest part of the schedule of events.  It started with 25 vials of blood for well over 25 tests ordered. Yes even though I only have 1 line, I am glad that I at least have a central line to draw the blood.

It looks like May 14th I will have my case presented before the board of all the doctors involved with the pretesting and any doctor involved with the transplant. I will keep the blog updated before then and update you once I hear that things move to the next step for going on the list.  

So thankful that we are able to go to church while we are here. The kids have other friends their age which is nice.  The church understands the reason why we are here and have all been so kind.  They also have began praying for my family and me.  God is so wonderful in allowing me to have people all over the place to call out me and my family in prayer. Not just from Illinois and Ohio, but throughout the world.  I am so thankful that we are not having to face this alone.

While I was in the hospital Shane needed to go home a few days so his Dad and Mom came, stayed the night.  His Mom stayed and his Dad, Kelsey, and Shane took off to go to Princeton.  He came back 2 days later with Kelsey, bringing more things for me from home.  I hope by the time we go home to Illinois I'm not needing a UHAUL!  LOL !  It was nice to have his mom here to help, with me being in the hospital.  While Shane was meeting his dad to take his Mom back, the girls and I had some Mom and Daughter time.  It was way past due and much needed.  I am thankful that I have been blessed with two beautiful young ladies. They are just growing too quickly and time needs to slow down just a bit.  They had noticed that a bookstore was hosting a book signing with Jim Brickman.  Saturday we had the chance to go to it and hear him play a few songs, take a few questions and do a book signing.  We were in line to see if we could get a picture with him and the lady behind me turned to ask if I had purchased the book.  I told her no ma'am and she placed her book on my lap.  Once she got back in line from getting herself another book she handed me a CD also.  I sat there with tears saying thank you.

Thank you so much to all of you who have helped us financially.   There are some who have made donations thru the National Foundation for Transplant that I don't even know.  Thank you!  Every bit helps.  What a blessing! 

Thank you for all the love and support you have shown to us through prayers, emails, cards...!  A huge thank you from all of us!  

Thankful that God cares and knows our every need and that each step I take HE is right there.  I am so grateful for His love for me.   He knows my name.  Without Him, I wouldn't be here today.   He guides my footsteps and wipes my tears, gives me peace in the midst of each storm, and everlasting joy.  We serve a Great Big Wonderful GOD! 

Have a wonderful day!

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