Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Just wanting to give an update on our latest events.  I went to Chicago Feb. 29th for a follow up from the G and J tube switches.   No good results from that switch, so now we are waiting on  a phone call from Chicago regarding a date for a nuclear scan of the intestines.  Dr. Semrad (GI) would also like to do a deeper tissue endoscopy biopsy the following day after the nuclear scan.  So we may be looking at a hotel stay when we come for the nuclear scan.  She also would like to do a full thickness biopsy sometime down the road.  She also mentioned that she would like me to see a Neurologist to see if there is any neurological disorder that she could be missing, along with a Rheumatologist for all the bone pain.  

On the 19th, I see the Rheumatologist in Rockford, and on the 20th I see Dr Gabriel for a follow up with my knee.  

I am so glad that my hope is in God.  God is so faithful and has never left me.  So glad I can place my cares at His feet.  I don't have to fear because He holds my tomorrow.  

We had a very exciting weekend .  For those of you who don't know, we added to our household 6 more feet.  We let the kids pick out a chicken each to care for.  They are only going to have them for a couple weeks.  My how they are getting bigger.  They each choose ones that were all unique in color to tell them apart from each other. Kailey has a yellow chick, Kelsey's is tan, brown, and black, and Matthew's is a grey and black.  They love to eat and make messes.  We take them out and hold them in our palms and they snuggle in and go to sleep within a few minutes.  It won't be too long before they have to go, with their chirps getting louder and them growing.  We've all been enjoying them.

I'll update again soon, but wanted to get a post on here to get it going.  

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