Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Week

We are back in the groove with schooling...sort of.  Kailey and Matthew are at Lincoln and enjoying it.  Kelsey has not started yet due to our mistake.  Back in May, Shane changed the main password to get into the computer and set Kelsey up as a second user with limited access to computer use for schooling to help get rid of any distractions.  Now three months later, neither one of us can remember the password to get into the computer to be able to load her schooling onto it.  There is a man in town who fixes computers and is wonderful, so Shane took it to him tonight to do the works on it.  I don't think Kelsey totally understands that she has to catch up from the days we are behind, but she is ready to start back up again also.

On Monday, we went to Lincoln and took the kids belongings into the class and got to meet the teachers.  Both Kailey's and Matthew's teachers are wonderful and it helps me to know that I'm leaving them in good hands everyday.  They both left that day excited about going to school Tuesday.  Kailey seemed to take Matthew on under her wing and help him a bit with this school all being new to him.

They all woke up Tuesday morning and were ready to face the world!:)   They ate their special breakfast that I had made, then finished final preparations for facing the first day.  Matthew climbed onto my bed and gave me a huge hug, then said, "Mommy, are you still going to pray with us this morning?"  Yes- we indeed did just that as we always do.  We pray for them, for their day, for God to help them to let their lights shine, to be big helpers and peace builders at all times, and for God to keep them and protect them, the school, and teachers.  Hugs and kisses were given and Daddy took them away. :)  As soon as the door shut, the tears flowed.  After some praying and getting myself together, the day flew and it was time to get them from school.  I made it special by getting some ice cream cones at Burger King and eating them there and playing on the playground.  Lots of good hand washing, too! ;)

We found our people who we wanted to help make their day!  Two little boys had come in to play, and had not come to eat, just play as their parents talked and used their phones.  As they left, we gave them money to get cones before leaving.  With smiles on their faces they made they way to the counter and left with cones and BIG smiles.  We also left smiling and we knew the reason why-we made someone's day extra special!:)  Try it on someone sometime you don't know!!:) It just won't make their day, but yours too!!

Unfortunately, my body is having some symptoms that Chicago is concerned with.  I am having quiet a bit of abdominal pain and pain around the j-tube with some other stuff and with me being so far away they wanted me to come and admit myself to the the ER.  (For those of you who remember the hospital stay back in December, I had to go through the ER to be admitted and it took 4 days in the ER before I could even be put into a patient room.  It was a very hard time to be in the ER for 1 day, let alone 4!  No windows, 1 bathroom shared with about 25 patients, no privacy curtains much, and the list goes on :/  God was with me every moment of that stay and He made a way that very nite that I broke down crying wanting to leave and I ended up getting into a room about 2-3 in the morning.) Anyways, she wanted me to call this morning to let her know what I decided.  Shane and I felt like it would be best for me to go.  We had told the kids last nite after church and it was very hard on the kids and us.  By this morning I went to get out of bed and could actually move my feet without there being any tightness.  I looked and could see both ankles!  I thought to myself this is going better!:) Thank you, Lord!! I got the kids breakfast ready and got them up and going.  Getting them out the door was rough once again on all of us. After they left, I started packing up their clothes.

Around 9:00 this morning, I called Chicago and gave them a heads up on it all and explained I wasn't trying to get out of coming that I'm planing on coming if they are still wanting me to.  She began by saying she was relieved that the fluid had gone down and it was up to me with me still having some issues and the abdominal pain.  She stated that since I was stable and things are a bit better that we could hold off and wait til next Wednesday to see the doctor in the office and plan on possible admittion thru the ER then.  I was totally for it!  I needed the time to not be throwing everything together for the kids for a week's worth of clothes and getting my things also.  I will be prepared for next week for the kids for whatever is to happen.

Today is the first of many more miracles to come:).  Thank you to all  of you who have been praying for me!  Prayer does make the difference and is the key to opening up the miracle that is about to unfold. ;)  God is so good to me-even if I would have had to go to Chicago.  I am in His hands and He has never left me.  I am a very blessed person! :)

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