Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not admitted

We are back in the swing, with this being the first full week of school.  Everyone is doing well and enjoying school.  We did get Kelsey started on her schooling on Monday and she is already a couple days ahead at this point.  That is great considering where she was last week.  I programmed her lessons to begin this Monday and to end May 24 just in case we do get behind, she can still make it up by the time the others get out of school.  She has really worked hard and I am so proud of her.  Also proud of the other two munchkins with their homework they are doing each night.

On top of it all, every night they have been reviewing their last of the 100 memory verses they have learned.  It's a bit tough with Psalms 63:1-8.  Once they have it down, we will be done with our 100 verses and I think something special is in store for them having learned that many.  How many adults can say even 50?  I will help them choose some new ones to add on her in the next few weeks to start the new goal of another 50.:)   May they always remember them and put them in their hearts.

I have kept busy since Monday, getting the kids all packed with clothes for school and church, got myself packed and house picked up a bit with knowing that the chances were high of me being admitted to Chicago on Wednesday after my appointment.  I got there and asked the nurse about it all and she said no they wouldn't be admitting me since the swelling was all gone.  Glad the swelling is gone, but was ready to have some answers on a few issues going on.  The biopsy is still in the talks with a specialist/surgeon.  They have not come to an agreement on it at this point.  My doctor feels it would be very beneficial to have the information from it, so they know if they can begin with other treatments.  Treatment would be a lifetime commitment and she doesn't want to start it without knowing.

She did take 8 vials of blood with 14 tests.  Some of the vitamins and things, so it will take a bit for those to come back.  I was close to having my j-tube out of the intestines, but I use it to put meds thru and for some of them, that is the only route they are able to give it.  I'll see at the next appointment with her if I it's possible then.  It would be nice to be at least 1 tube less.:)  I am ready for some answers.

I am and will continue to wait patiently for my miracle.  God gives me strength daily and I feel HIS sweet peace surrounding me. I am a Miracle!  Just to think of where I have been- at times wondering if I would  awake.  He has been through all of this every step of the way and I know He is not about to leave me now.  Thank you for all of your prayers and words of encouragement.  Prayer is a powerful thing!!  Nothing is too big or too small for God!  So thankful to be in the hands of the Great Physicians.

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