Thursday, September 13, 2012

A little bit of everything

I am here, hanging in there with the help of the Lord although I am having some new issues arise. I have an appointment at Loyola in October to see some doctors there that may be able to help.

I am sorry for the lack of updating.  I have had some rough days and I do tire out easily.  It seems as though I have to make a lot more of an effort to do even something small or simple. I think that is attributed to my Vitamin B 12 and D being low. I do not want to complain though-I have so much to be grateful for!! God is so good to me!

The kids are all getting into the swing of school now.  The schedules are becoming more routine for them.  It has been nice the past few weeks when they have had early dismissals, half days, and holidays. I know it's too early to be starting that, but it was a nice way to break in the school year (at least for this Mama).  We are doing our homework and a few household chores and still able to find some time to get to play outside. They try to once in a while ask me if I need a back rub just to be able to stay up a bit later ;) Sure -why not!!:)   Kelsey is doing her best and trying to maximize her time by staying ahead of schedule.  She is doing a wonderful job and I'm very proud of her.

 I am so thankful for Matthew and Kailey's teachers.  They are so wonderful, caring, and supportive. It helps put me at ease knowing they are in  good hands!  I am very thankful for both of them.

It seems like fall is in the air.  Ahh~yes, one of my favorite seasons!!:)  I love the colors, the warmer clothes (sweaters), making carmel apples, sitting on the front porch, curled in a blanket, talking with my Honey, sipping on tea,watching the kids jump in leaves.....and the list can go on.:) I did put up my fall decor and enjoying it being out.  I was going to wait till next week, but I got the itch a bit sooner.:)  So much to be thankful for!!  Take time to enjoy the simple things in life.  I have realized how important those little things mean.  I AM BLESSED!!!!

I do enjoy getting comments from all of you.  I have a counter and it shows where people are viewing the blog from and I have a few that are checking my blog out that are not in the United States. Wow!  I thought that was pretty neat!:)  If you ever would like to comment or leave me a message you can either click at the bottom of the post on 'comment'.  Although it will not show on the blog, I do receive them. Another way is by email -which is on the side of my blog. I do appreciate the encouragement and prayers!!  Thinking it time I see if I can change the template to a fall one.  Or should I say...see if my wonderful, bestest husband can.  ;)

Matthew was so cute yesterday.  When the kids came home from school, I was watching from my bedroom window-them getting out of the car.  Right by the window was a butterfly fluttering on a bush.  I watched as he oh so carefully and cautiously tried to inch his way to the butterfly.  Once he got up to it, he went to catch it and it fluttered around him.  Over and over he tried and tried. It took me back to my childhood days as a little girl going around the yard trying to catch butterflies.  Oh to be a kid again.:)

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