Thursday, September 20, 2012

Better yet, got in a bit sooner:)

There is no doubt of God being with me through all of this.  I called Wednesday to Cleveland and talked with a lady who recommended a certain doctor for me to see.  Long story short-the Lord worked it out to
where I am going to be seeing the doctor that was recommended and I am going on October 8th instead!   He continues to lead and guide me.  Thank You Lord for loving me!:)

I had an appointment in Chicago with the Rheumotologist today.  He is not sure why all the bone pain and severe muscle cramps, but feels along with my other doctors that it is all autoimmune related.  He did 6 vials of blood and is wanting me to suggest some tests to Cleveland Clinic doctors when I go.  He said the test would be better to have done there while at Cleveland.  The blood results take about 3 days to get done.  He was a very good and thorough Dr.

I am getting some calls from some people saying that they are having issues with leaving comments underneath the post.  If you are one of them and wanting to leave a comment, you can do so by email.  My address is, it is under my profile on the right hand side also. Thank you again for all the prayers, love, and support you show!

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