Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thankful for the protecting hand of God!!!

I have been fighting a lovely sinus headache since last Friday,due to the change in weather.  Well...needless to say with not much sleep and feeling exhausted, I had my TPN go off Sunday at 6:30ish AM.  I felt like I was just getting into sleep, so I just disconnected the line with out flushing-knowing I've gone in he past in emergency situations without flushing 2-3 hours.  Knowing I was getting up at 8 with the alarm, I laid back down.

Well.....in the rush I forgot to clamp off and when I disconnected  I took my antibacterial end cap off too.  Two things I normally do not do.   I had felt something wet about 10 minutes after laying down.  Remembered that maybe I need to clamp.  Good thing I did.  When I woke up at 8 to get ready, I had blood all over my chest!  Talk about a scare!  It wasn't a little TPN that had come out of the Hickman line , but blood.  I did make a call to the nurse-which she advised calling the on call surgical DR.  I got the On call Surgical DR. which asked for me to call my DR. Monday. I thankfully have a double line so I can still use 1 to access my TPN.  But I did clot off the other line.  Not good, because now that means I have to get a new Hickman line put in either Thursday or Friday. :(  That will require me to be put out and be surgically placed.  THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT I AM STILL ALIVE!!!:)   Thankfully the Lord protected me with the line being completely opened that allowed air in and the blood to come out.  I could have gone to sleep and bled to death.

So grateful to know HE watches over us, even when we don't realize it!!:) THANK YOU LORD.
I'll keep you updated on when it is.  Just pray all goes well and smooth.  Thank you.  So thankful to the Lord things were not worse than they are.

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