Monday, February 18, 2013

Enjoying life:)

We had a wonderful weekend.  I hope you all did also. :)   We had a relaxing time Friday night with some sweet friends.  On Saturday, we went to the Valentine Banquet at church, and yesterday was a wonderful day of services in church.  The banquet was beautifully decorated by our awesome youth group.  They did a great job serving too!

I can't help but  stand in awe of God's goodness.  I am one very blessed person.  I don't want to take advantage of any day that God has given to me.  I want to give it my very best, for He deserves it.  I want to be a blessing to all that I am around.  He is so worthy of all the glory and the praise, whether I get my miracle or not.   I woke up this  morning with the song I stand in awe of the one who made the mountains, I stand in awe of the one who calms the sea and I'm amazed that the Lord of all creation is the one who longs for me , longs for me.  Thanks for those who keep emailing me and encouraging me.  I know I'm not walking this alone but first of all God is with me, and then I have wonderful people like you praying for me.  I have a friend who told me that she has a friend praying for me.  It just humbles me that people who don't even know me, never met me, yet are willing to hold me up in prayer.  I am forever grateful.  Thank you for all the prayers, for that is what has brought me thus far and will continue to carry me through.

Can't help but love and brag on my sweet kiddos.  They have school off today so we are cleaning and they have been extra good.  No one is arguing, fighting, crying and the list could go on.:)  Everyone is working
together and being extra good-no I did not give them a reward to bribe them to be like this.  Make my heart burst!:)  There is something special about the kids and I love them to pieces!  How they have blessed my life!    I think I need to fix them a special sundae and let them know how proud I am of them and their hard work! Matthew said to me last night in church service as he sat next to me and held my hand - "Mom, don't worry, your not getting old just cuz your veins in your hand are showing -it's just cuz your thin!"  LOL!  They melt this Mama's heart.

Not one Dr appt this week!  :) Yea!  Yipppee!  Just had to do blood work for the hematologist and that's it.The nurse did call and said that my hemaglobin dropped again even more so they said I am able to get some units of blood this week if I want to help boost me.  I am choosing to wait till next Monday and praying it goes up before then, otherwise we will be transfusing next week. They will check the blood again Monday, but if I feel worse or change my mind they told me to just call and they'll set me up for the units of blood.  I can't urge you enough that if you are healthy and able to donate a pint of blood now and then to do it.:)  1 unit I believe saves at least 3 lives. I use to donate blood and plasma back along time ago.  What a rewarding feeling and  doesn't take too much time to do.

Please keep a friend of mine with gastroparesis in prayer this week as as she goes to get her pacemaker placed.  I am praying that it works for her and she has good results from it.  THANKS!!!  I appreciate it and I know she will be appreciative of the prayers also!:)

Love and Thank you-

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