Saturday, March 9, 2013

Getting Packed Up

I am preparing for my doctor appointment in Cleveland.  My mother-in-law is in town to help out with kiddos while we are away. I almost have my things together.  Just need to put them all in the suitcase.   We are planning on leaving when we get home from Sunday School tomorrow.:)  We'll stay the night in Stergis, Michigan then drive the rest of the way on Monday.  My appointment is early afternoon so I'll update the blog in the evening sometime letting you know what the plan of action is.

  I had blood work done on Friday and it showed that my count is a bit down.  It has come up since the 2 units of blood last week, but I'm feeling pretty fatigued, at times like I could pass out, racing heart, and the list goes on.  The hematologist wanted me to get 2 units of blood since I would be going to Cleveland.  My nurse couldn't believe how pale I looked today as she was hooking me up for my blood.  I can already tell a difference after just 1 so watch out- I just might feel like running home.:) Just teasing:)  So thankful I got this before leaving though.  Now I can feel half way descent for the BIG trip.  I did break out in some hives and severe itching!!!  YIKES!  Had prayers, 2 Benadryl and  Solu Medrol  thru the IV.  Needless to say, I am one tired patient!  I was there from 10:15 am-6:30 pm.   Glad it is done though.  Now for some more rest.:)

Talking about trips, Kelsey is almost packed and ready for her trip for the Youth Conference.  She doesn't turn 12 till March 30th, but since it's not too far off they are letting her go.  The girl is super excited!!! She is looking forward to having a great time.  Also a time in her life of drawing closer to God.  I know she has already been praying about the conference and we have also.  I am excited for her, yet a place in my heart aches to have my baby growing up so fast.  What a beautiful young lady she is becoming, and it makes this Mama's heart so proud of her! (And my other two:))

The two younger ones are having a hard time with Big sister leaving and Mom and Dad being gone also.  Poor Kailey bug is having a rough time not going with us.  She is wanting to go along with us this time since we took them back in January when I got admitted.  She thinks that I'll be admitted again.:(  With tears falling down her face she said, "Mom,  if they admit you will you save a spot for me in your bed?" Awe..tears n sniffs for Mom! Sometimes it feels like your heart is being ripped out!  Precious Kids!!!:)  I am one blessed Mama!  Thank you, Lord!!

I'll keep in touch and update the blog.  Thank you for all your prayers, emails, and love.  God is so good.  I have so much to praise Him for!!!! Praying that you are having a wonderful weekend.  Gonna enjoy an evening with my family and get some snuggle time in.


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