Thursday, March 28, 2013

Long overdue update:)

Where to begin?!  So much has happened since my last post!  Time slips by too quickly!!

For Dr's appointments- I've had one with the hematologist.  My blood levels are still low, and one test showed that I am functioning at 80 when it is suppose to be around 500-1000.  He is trying to get a shot called Procrit approved with insurance to help get my levels built up and not have to have so many blood transfusions.

I also have had troubles with the hole of where the j-tube was.  It still has not closed up and is still draining like crazy.  I went last week to have a radiologist to try to have the j-tube placed and to gradually go down in size of tubes till the hole would close up.  Unfortunately, he was unable to place it all the way in.  It seals up, but due to the pressure inside it opens up the hole and gushes out bile, burning the skin around it.   I went this week for a second opinion and this Dr. has had 3 other cases like mine, and it has something to do with the way they do the laparoscopic procedure is done when they place the j-tube.  He said what would be best, and he done with the others like this, is to go in above the hole and make an incision and find the hole in the intestine, sew it closed push it away from the abdominal wall and sew the abdominal hole closed too.  Thankfully, I'll be out and in dreamland when he does it.  I am scheduled to have it next Wednesday.

This Saturday is a very special day in our house.  It is Kelsey's 12th birthday!  Hard to believe that my baby is gonna be 12 years old!!  12 years old people!!  Yikes, time has REALLY flown by!  I miss the baby/toddler days.  Her little ringlets of curls on her head.  Her hair still has some natural curl to it.:)  The one who as I would make Christmas cookies and have them on the table cooling, would sneak one from the table and I'd find chocolate melted around her mouth. Ha!  Since she was little she has had a tender heart.    She has grown into a very beautiful young lady.  She has such a love for God and a willing heart.  She has been such a blessing to me with me being sick.  She has had to grow up quickly- and that can be both good and bad.  I don't want her to miss any of her childhood, and grow up too quick on us.  She is staying ahead of her studies in  home school. She has less than 2 months and she will have completed 6th grade.  She had a gift card to Target a few weeks ago and was wanting to buy a baby doll, and I told her no.  We just CLEANED their bedroom a week before and got rid of a sack FULL of toys.  She still has some dolls and baby dolls but she is going to be reaching a point where she won't play with them.  :(  It still seems like yesterday when we came home from the hospital with her.  Shane and I were talking the other day about how she said things when she was a toddler and got to laughing about things she would say.  :)  It is so neat to see her blossom into the young lady that she has become.  I am enjoying our time together.:)

The kiddos start Spring Break today!!:)  We are planning on taking a short trip to Shipshewana, IN on Monday and Tuesday.:)  Also planning a trip to the gummy bear factory.  The kids haven't been their either so that will be a fun place to stop also.  Be still my heart!:)  Ha!  We are all looking forward to the little get away. What a beautiful day it was, perfect to start Spring break on!  It was in the 50's today, and the kids wanted to wear their flip flops....umm no sorry not quiet yet.  But we're getting there:)

Wishing you all a Happy Easter.  I'm sure most of you will be getting together over the next few days with family and enjoying memories and treasured time together.  Don't forget to take time to focus on the true meaning of Easter.  To celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He has RISEN and is ALIVE FOREVERMORE!!!

Thank you so much for all your love, support in cards, phone messages, and emails and most of all, all of your prayers.


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