Saturday, April 20, 2013

Where do I begin?!

I am ready to be done with this week and put it behind me. Medically speaking, I am running low grade fevers since I have been off my antibiotic Tuesday afternoon. Of course Tuesday midmorning I had a Dr. appointment with the surgeon and the site looks good! That is a plus but we don't need any other infections brewing, so please pray. I am still a bit sore from surgery but I think I just overdid it on Friday and today.

The reason for overdoing it sweet honey and I awoke to a loud constant buzzing at beautiful 3:30 am Thursday morning. We woke up and realized it was not his alarm. He tells me to check the extension cord on my side of the bed. In the meantime he goes in and brushes his teeth and is gonna get ready for the morning. I check the cords all out on my side of the bed and I say to him that it's not coming from any of my things and it sounds like it's the basement. He goes to the kitchen door and looks down to a water filled basement. LONG story short we are staying here at the house for the first time since Thursday. We had over a foot and a half of sewer water floating around in our basement. ICKY, STINKY, AND ALOT OF WORK!!! That is what the past 2 days have been. We didn't have insurance coverage and what was most valuable to us, money could never replace. I had things sealed in rubbermaids in our storage room. This included about 8 rubbermaids of Christmas all of which were ruined except for one box. Included in the rubbermaids was the kids baby memorabilia-things from the younger two's stay in the NICU, birth certificates with their baby footprints which were the only ones I had, birthday cards, Matthew's first haircut, all of their first tooth they lost.... and the list goes on and on of heartbreak. Things that can never be replaced but I am grateful to at least have each of them. We lost lots and lots of photos- dating, engagement, marriage and kid and family pictures. My journal of wedding ideas, list of invites from our wedding, and the list goes on and on. We also lost all our wedding cards which I held onto and were very special since our wedding album was misplaced when we moved. It had signatures on cards that I can never replace and was something dear and special to me. Shane and I have lost all our Grandmas, and the cards had their personal handwriting and sentiments on them. We held them all dear to our hearts but it's things like that that I can never get back or replace. I held it together for a good 2 hours and had to come up to my room and just bawl. My precious daughter came up and gave me a big hug from behind and quietly said, ‘it'll be okay Mom’. It just hurt knowing that the memories we had saved for down the road were gone. I don't want to sound ungrateful, because yes-I have my family, we are all safe and can move on with life, but there is just something heart renching about pulling things that were precious memorabilia out of a rubbermaid that is drenched in sewer water, just sopping wet as you toss it into a garbage can. It is photos that we must have thrown the negatives away to and ones that people had given us that they had taken, that just rips your heart out. It was just a hard day for me physically and emotionally. Today I can say was a bit better, hard yes, but I know I made it through yesterday and can do the same today. Our things such as the furnace, water heater, washer, and dryer seem to all be back in working order- just like us. I also lost probably an easily $300 or so in scrapbook things, but all that is replaceable over time. I am blessed and ready for a better week ahead:) God is so good and I am thankful I still have my precious family all together with me and that we still have memories in our lives to share. Just gotta start fresh again and make sure that the memories will be ones that they can remember and share on their own. My sweet honey and I have been married for a wonderful 16 years together and this was our first real disaster. God helped us thru it and I pray we can go 16 plus more years without any other disasters. Thank you for letting me share my heart and just be open with you! Most of all thank you for your prayers!!

Love You-

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