Monday, December 10, 2012

An update from room 427

As some of you may already know-yes, I am in the hospital. I went to the ER in Dixon Sunday due to the nausea being so bad. I ended up throwing up twice -sorry if that's too much info for you :/ I had my labs drawn and they looked good, but the blood count is still bordering low. I see the Hematologist on Thursday, so we'll wait in see what he says. I am still not taking anything by mouth. No popsicles, jello, italian icees, or ice chips.
I am having my J-tube placed in Moline on Wednesday by scope and my GI doctor here wants him to change my g-tube out also along with checking my esophagus and stomach.
I did get a hold of Medtronic regarding a programmer to see if possibly my pacemaker got turned off and just needs turned on. Wouldn't that be wonderful if it's that easy?! Looks like tomorrow I'll be heading home:)
There are some days I wish that this was all from being pregnant and at least at the end of the 9 months have something to show for it! But then I would have a little one to be taking care of too! I think God blessed me with 3 beautiful sweet miracles already and I am forever blessed!!! I am so thankful for God's amazing strength he gives. So glad that I am in His hands and know that no matter the storms that come my way, I am anchored in Him and in His everlasting arms.

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