Monday, December 3, 2012

Appointment today

Today, I had an appointment in Moline with the doctor to look at my J-tube.  It has been giving me problems for a month or so, and the past 2 weeks have been a lot worse with it.  It feels like a match is being held under the skin of that area and is very painful.  Well, today we confirmed that my balloon that is holding the tube in place is either burst or leaking and is therefore leaking content out onto my skin.  That is why I have the burning pain.  He is going to try a shorter tube, so he has to order it.  The office will call once they get it in and then we'll set up outpatient surgery to get it done.  I'm just glad they got me in and took a look at it. :)

The weather is so nice here!  Who would ever have dreamed that ILLINOIS would have 60+ degree weather in the beginning of December.  A little bit of that cold ,fluffy, glistening,white stuff would be wonderful for Christmas, but otherwise I can do without it.  These bones are already cold without having the cold winter weather to add to it!:)  Would be great to have weather like this the first week of January to make driving to Cleveland for my appointment is a bit easier.

I have to share a new Matthew funny.  My nurse came from Moline last Thursday to change my dressing to my hickman and the nurse mentioned to the kids about going sledding at a park by his house that has a big hill.  He also talked with them about going ice skating while there and Matthew's eyes were huge and you could see the excitement on his face.  As soon as Shane came home you could hear him from the bedroom telling Shane all about it.  Well before the nurse left he said there is one thing you do need to do-pray for cold weather and snow.  So that was Matthew's prayer that night. The next morning he woke up thinking it had snowed with the frost on the roof outside his window.  He was so disappointed because he was ready to wear his snow boots to school.  I told him not to get disappointed yet.  It will come.

Made me think of how many times we get discouraged and upset  because we prayed and God didn't answer and come through like we expected Him to.  Our times are in his hands and his thoughts and ways are higher than ours.  I want to keep putting my hope and trust in him.  It's all in His times and in His hands.  I know He will see me through.  He is so good and I am so thankful to know Him!  Thankful for His everlasting love and strength for each new day.  Knowing I am not alone, but He is right beside me each step of the way.


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