Monday, December 24, 2012

Posting from room 430

Yes... I am back into the hospital. Not where I planned on celebrating Christmas, but I'll make the best of it. I'll be surrounded by my wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children.

Tonight, I will just focus on getting some much needed rest. I have been unable to keep even bile in my stomach without throwing up and last night it was blood. I called my GI doctor locally and he wanted me to contact Cleveland and let them know and go to the ER. I contacted Cleveland and they wanted me to the ER immediately. I got ready and Shane took me.

I had some meds in the ER which helped a little but not enough to make it home on and not have to come right back.

So here I am enjoying the view of the parking lot and the refection of Christmas lights in the window.:) Thankful that they take the time to put lights up in the trees and neighbors decorate with lights outside-I am able to still feel a bit at home. :)

I was able to enjoy a beautiful candlelight service at church last night. The service was just beautiful from beginning to the end. It felt so good just to be in the presence of God. I read a little saying-The magic of Christmas is not about presents but HIS presence. Oh, how very true!! I want to always be in HIS presence.

I pray that you all have a wonderful Christmas with your family. May you always keep the true meaning of Christmas in your heart and not forget the one who we are celebrating. :)

Thank you for all your prayers, encouragement, and love!

Love and Prayers-

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