Thursday, December 27, 2012

Still in room 430

Still reporting from the hospital. I am hoping to be HOME by tomorrow. I think they are trying to get approval for phenergan and zofran in IV form.. I am feeling a little better but must stay on the anti-nausea meds to at least function a smidge. Thank you for those who have either called, visited, sent cards, or most importantly prayed.

I pray that all of you had a wonderful Christmas with family. Christmas morning, my sweet honey brought a small decorated tree along with some of the kids small gifts. I was able to watch the excitement on their faces. It felt so good to be a family once again. They left for a while back to Princeton, then came back that evening. Then they had to turn around and go back to Princeton because he forgot to bring my TPN. I felt so bad for him. I know he had to be worn out with all the running back and forth. We made it a good Christmas despite the fact that it was one spent in the hospital. Sometimes you just make the best of what you have, and that's what we did. :)

There is a sweet X-Ray tech that saw my name on the hospital list Monday and while she was working Tuesday, she came in the room and surprised me with a beautiful card and some wonderful smelling bath wash and body lotion. I had another surprise from a cousin that made me THE BEST Christmas card. It had pictures of her Mom and my Grandma on it along with pictures of the kids with them.
We will leave Tuesday for Cleveland Clinic. We are making it a fun trip for the kids. We wanted to take them to Shipsiwanna for dinner and a play but the whole town is closed January 1 for New Year's Day. Maybe on the way home we can stop.

I don't know the agenda once we get there for my appointment on January 3. We'll just wait and see. I do want it to be a special trip for the kids though. :)
Love to each of you

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