Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hopefully the last post from room 5 :)

I am posting from room 5 of the OB/GYN unit hopefully for my last time. I had my EGD today and the doctor who did it was so nice. He sat himself at the edge of my cart and just talked about my history with the gastroparesis, then about my husband and his job and about the 3 kids. When it was time for the procedure, he came and got me by himself and wheeled me to the procedure room. All went well with the procedure and looked good with the J-Tube. :) I did have some polyps, but he didn't want to remove them today and cause bleeding to start. So glad that nothing else was found. I don't need any other issues going on. Taking it easy tonight and I should be getting discharged tomorrow!!! Shane is packing up the hotel tonight so we can hopefully head from the hospital to being on the road to HOME.:)
I am also going to be having more calories added to my TPN but only be on it for 12 hours a day. They are changing that, starting at 10 pm tonight.:)

So grateful to the Lord for wonderful staff. The Doctors, Residents, RNs, Aides, & Transportation people have all been beyond wonderful. :)

There is a song I've had going in my head yesterday and just thought I'd share it with you. I need your mercy, I need your grace, I need your Hand leading the way. I can't make it without you, not for one day-cause I need your mercy and I need your grace. It's a beautiful song and how very true-I don't want even one step that I take through all of this... to be without being with HIM. I don't want to do it by myself or ever think that I can. I need HIM by my side guiding my every step I take on this journey. I know I am never alone and he is right there beside me faithful & everything I need. To God be the Glory. :)

Thanks for all the prayers, love, and support!!!


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