Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's a new day! :)

It was a start of a new day today and I'm so thankful for God answering prayers!!! I'll take my miracle day by day or all of it at once. I just can't thank Him enough for a better day. I have had dry heaving but not vomiting. Ahhh!!! :) I'm still in Cleveland Clinic Hospital. The RN and Aides are super nice along with the Residents and Dr's. The game plan when admitted Thursday was discharge on Sunday, but I still need to turn a few corners yet. I have gone from 2 people assisting me to the restroom to one. :) I'm still exhausted over doing the littlest of things. Just wears me out to do even talk sometimes. I do force myself to sit up for a while so I don't lose all my strength. I did have an Endoscopy down my throat Friday. Due to me vomiting they put me under all the way, in case I would aspirate. It showed that I had some inflammation in the stomach. They ruled out no blockage -thank you Lord! Also while there they changed my G-Tube to a 18 french to a 24 french (now my terminology-the opening of the hole of where the G-Tube goes is larger). They wanted to see if that might help the stomach content to pass quicker. I got to my room last evening and for the most part slept till this am. Today I was able to eat 1/4 of a cherry popsicle and a Italian Cherry ice. I was nauseated and dry heaving. But ohhh it felt so good to my throat. Ahh :0 Tomorrow I hope to hear from the Dr's of a game plan for the rest of the stay.

While praying for me, please pray for my sweet Husband and 3 precious kiddos. This isn't what we had in mind for them. They have been wonderful and done well for being couped up in a hospital since Thursday. They also have gone on walks to give me rest so they are exploring the hospital. They have discovered a McDonald's, Subway, their own cafeteria, and a Mexican Restaurant. There are some Au Bon Pain cafe's here and a Starbucks for you coffee lovers. :)

Time for me to sleep between a 12 am blood draw, 1 am meds, 4 am blood draw and 5 am meds. Thank you so much for all your prayers, phone calls, and emails. What a blessing! I am thankful to be here and for God's strength He has given. I have renewed strength while I wait.

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