Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Posting from room 5

I never did get to explain what floor I am on at Cleveland Clinic. :) I'm on the OB/GYN unit! :)) No worries, that is not the reason for the nausea and vomiting. They were full in the GI floor and since they were low census I was placed here. I have been well taken care of! :) They know that my tray HAS to have a cherry icee.;) It feels so good on my throat.

Both teams came in today. The nutritional team added more protein to my TPN and changed the phosphate. The GI team said it was a no go for the EGD with balloon today so tomorrow instead. I had the RN check to be sure that I was on the schedule with a time instead of trying to just pencil me in somewhere. I am down for 1 pm to have it done Wed, Jan 9th. They are just wanting to check the area where the J-Tube is with the redness I have on the outer opening of the hole.

Thank you for all your prayers! God is Faithful! :)

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