Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm still here at the hospital

I'm sorry for not updating sooner, thank you for understanding and being patient. :)

Wowsers!! Thank the Lord that Sunday is behind me!! It was a very rough day to say the least. By the time I got to feeling well enough to call Shane, he was already in the hospital and on his way up to my room. He came in and I explained how I was feeling and wasn't up to any company. They stayed about maybe 30 minutes and he wasn't feeling well himself with a head cold and stuff so they headed to have lunch and go to the hotel and do laundry and rest.

Thank the Lord for answering prayer though. I was able to start making a turn for the better by late that evening. With Sunday being so rough for me, the GI team decided to look at the J-Tube by endoscopy so I woke up thinking today I would be added on. Well...they were unable to get me in so praying that tomorrow there is a cancel and they add me on. I am still having pain, nausea, and dry heaving, but greatful to not be vomiting. :) I am so glad to feel like the worst is behind and don't want to go back to that point again. They are adjusting my TPN so it is causing my blood sugars to go crazy above 200, and into the 60's other times.

The staff here has been so wonderful and great. My dear husband deserves a huge steak dinner and the precious kiddos a day at Chuckee Cheese to be a kid all day. They have been very good the times they've come to visit. Matthew had some handcuffs he was playing with today and a nurses boyfriend who is a policeman stopped in to show his real cuffs to Matthew. He took a little time to have some "boy" talk:). It was so cute.

I thank you once again for all your prayers, love, and emails of encouragement. God is Faithful! A song that has gone thru my mind tonight I've been humming is-I need you more, more than yesterday. I need you more, more than words can say, I need you more, than ever before I need you Lord, I need you more. I can't remember the verses, but oh just to lean on HIM, knowing He is more than enough and able to see me through. To just lean on the everlasting arms!


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