Thursday, November 15, 2012

Appointments and Iron Infusion

Good evening, on this fall chilly night.  I pray this finds you nice and cozy warm.  I am sitting in front of a heat register typing up this post on my computer with a warm blanket.:)

I had two doctor appointments yesterday.  They both went well.  All is looking well with the sites.  That is a good thing.:)  I have till next week with the antibiotic and then I am done with taking it.  In 5 weeks I get the stitches out of the new line, too.  Not too much to report on it.  The infectious disease doctor did say that all is fine and no need to come back.  I pray I never have to see him again.  Don't get me wrong-he is a very good doctor, but I just don't want another infection.:)

I had my iron infusion today.  It's a reddish brown color.  They gave me a test dose and I itched a little bit, watched for any hives and never saw a one.  When the nurse came to start the treatment, she asked about any reactions since I had not said anything.  I told her and she looked to make sure all was well then checked to make sure with the doctor it was alright.  I got it and had no reaction.  They even kept me a bit longer to make sure there would be no reaction.  All was good and I came home and slept the afternoon away.  Woke up with some issues so I called and they told me it could be a reaction to the treatment and to take Benadryl.  Well I'm now tired on top of tired :).

It broke my heart to see the chairs quickly fill up for patients to have chemo therapy while I got my infusion.  I had a surprise and got to see a friend walk in to have her therapy done and had another friend of mine with her.  All I can do is pray that God would touch them.  It was nice to sit with a familiar face, but heartbreaking to know she too has her own battles.

I am so blessed to be able to take my need of healing before my heavenly Father.  What a privilege it is to lay my needs at His feet and know that He is more than enough.  That He will come through in His time and during the wait he gives the the strength and patience to endure.  Not all know of that hope.  I pray that as I go through this that God uses me as a vessel to help reach out to others and that my light shines for Him.  Through all of this I want to give Him all the glory and praise.  For He is forever faithful and my hope is in Him.  Lord, let my faith never fail me.  I lay down tonight feeling a lot more blessed after being in a room with about 10 cancer patients.  God, thank you for my health!  No, it may not be the best, but it could be so much worse.

Thank you once again for the prayers and encouragement.


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