Friday, November 2, 2012

An update from HOME :)

Ahh.  It feels so good to be at home.:)  The kids and I have been able to have some snuggle time together.  They got out early Thursday from school and Friday had no school due to parent/teacher conferences.  It has been wonderful.:)  They have been a big help for me also.  It just doesn't take much out of me to wear out easily.

Matthew came home from school yesterday with an envelope for me to open.  Inside was a typed letter from the school saying they had taken up a collection for us and there was a check that was inside along with 2 gas cards!  God is so good and He knows just what we need.  What a blessing from the staff and students of the collection that they took up for us!  Wow-my heart is overflowing and so touched by this HUGE surprise!!  Thank you seems so small in light of what they have done!!  Not only that, but their teachers have been helping them with schoolwork to help lighten the load at home.  So blessed to be a part of a wonderful community with some awesome people who truly care!!  THANK YOU!!!!!

Everything is going pretty well.  I had labs today and also have some on Monday.  An In Home Care Nurse came to see me last evening and he changed the PICC line dressing.  All looks good with it, so it should be fine till Tuesday.  On Monday, once we leave take the kids to school, I have some lab work that needs to be done, then we will be on the road.  I am needing to be at Cleveland Monday and catch up on some rest in the hotel, then Tuesday I have surgery scheduled to have a new hickman line placed.  We'll take time for me rest and recover, then head back home to recoup some more.

They are wanting the line placed ASAP so they can get have me use the ethanol locks in the line again.  They are not compatible with the PICC line so we are not using them.  They are suppose to help with line infections so they want me to be back on them.  I still will finish my course of antibiotic till the 21st.  

So, I am asking once again that you would keep our family in your prayers as this will be hard to once again be away from each other.  It will be a short and quick trip.  Still feel like I'm trying to still get settled in at home from the hospital stay.

Thank you, once again, for all the prayers.  God is so good and He is still in control.  So glad to be in His Hands.:)


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