Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New line in :)

We had to be at Cleveland Clinic at at 10:15 this morning.  So in order to be there on time, we took the shuttle from the hotel at 9:15.  We got there, checked in where we thought we were to be, thinking we had some extra time, but we were checked at the wrong place.  By the time we arrived to check in at the right spot, it was already 10:00.  So much for kickin' back!

We were taken back about 10:30 for all the pre-op stuff and then sent back to the waiting area.  Around 11:15 or so, they took us to the pre-holding area and waited there for about 20 minutes, talked with a doctor, signed consents, and off I went.  They snuggled me with some warm blankets and began getting things ready.  I was awake in the room for a while after they began prepping and was conversing with them. Next thing I knew, I was back in my recovery cubby.  They got Shane and it seems things moved quickly from there.  The nurse did say that they had a difficult time getting me out and had to give a little more sedation, but other than that, all went ok.  I am extremely sore though.  They did give me some meds to help before leaving there to head back to the hotel.

I am back at the hotel and taking it easy now and thanking the Lord for bringing me through another surgery and keeping your hand on me.  I have so much to be thankful for!  Not just during the month of November, but with each breath I take and each day that He has blessed me with.  God is so good!

We are in hoping to get some rest in the morning and hopefully getting half way home tomorrow and do a bit more recouping and make it home on Thursday.

Thank you so much for  each of your prayers, love and support!!:)


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