Monday, November 12, 2012

Busy week ahead:)

Today I had a Doctor's Appointment with a Hematologist.  With me being anemic and needing the 3 units of blood, it is good to look into things to make sure all is well.  He is wanting to have me get some blood work done tomorrow.  On Thursday, I am going to have an infusion of iron.  We are going to try a couple of them considering my iron had bottomed down to 3%, if I understood him correctly.  By having the infusion it is in comparison to 3 units of blood so by the time I am done with all 3 units it would be like me  having 12 units of blood.  We are praying that will be all that it is and no further testing will be needed.  It turned out to be a good appointment.  I still have 2 more appointments this week also.  One with the with my surgeon to have a stitch removed and one for the infectious disease specialist for a follow-up.

God is so good to me.  Walking into a cancer center makes you so appreciative of what you have.  The blessings of good health even in bad health.  It made me walk away thankful of the little and big things I can still do.  It is very much the little and simple things in life you are grateful for.  You never know how appreciative you are for those things until you do not have them any more.  Things could be worse off than they are for me and I thank the Lord for His hand upon my life.  For keeping me time and time again, for His faithfulness to me.  for loving me and giving me hope!

Thank you again for all your love, Prayers, and support!


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